Trauma Care

Comprehensive Emergency & Trauma Care at Eskag Sanjeevani

At Eskag Sanjeevani, we believe that care is the best gift to the needy. Our world-class trauma care facilities are able to take care of all your emergency and non-emergency trauma needs. We have some of the best emergency response and immediate medical facilities that are equipped enough to attend to you under all kinds of circumstances.

Based off on the Baghbazar, Khardah and Baranagar areas of Kolkata, we are proud to have developed one of the city’s most efficient and methodical trauma care hospitals with over 250+ patients being satisfied with our services on a daily basis. Our trauma care centre is located in central locations where our specialized and internationally recognized trauma care unit have brought the best healthcare and trauma nursing facilities to the behest of the entire city. Our impeccable service and professionality have been proven to manage all the five stages of trauma care. We also have specialized facilities for a paediatric trauma care section and have reputable medical professionals for the specialised care of the same.

 At Eskag Sanjeevani, our health guidelines in the trauma care unit, methodology of treatment and essentialities have been formulated in line with standards set by the World Health Organization. Our patients have the trusted support and care of 42 years of service in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. We are also renowned for our professional doctors and medical practitioners who have lent their knowledge in our trauma care centre to the betterment of people and society for a strong number of years.


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