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List Of Cghs Hospitals In Kolkata

Unlock The Best Advantages Of The Top C.G.H.S Hospitals In Kolkata

30th November, -0001

C.G.H.S is basically The Central Government Health Scheme which is solely dedicated to providing world-class healthcare facilities to the current as well as the previous employees of The Government of India. C.G.H.S offers healthcare facilities in all the prime locations in India including Bhopal, Allahabad, Jaipur, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Dehradun, Guwahati, Delhi and NCR, Bhubaneswar, Bangalore, Mumbai, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Indore, Kanpur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Meerut, Patna, Shillong, Pune, Ranchi,  Jammu and Thiruvananthapuram. These exclusive health facilities are only for central government employees and it is offered through the Wellness centres and is carried out in accordance with the Ayurvedic, Allopathic, Sidha, Unani, Yoga and Homeopathy medical system. Almost all the prime hospitals that have been combined with these schemes can provide healthcare services to the beneficiaries. A simple cursory look at the list of C.G.H.S  hospitals in Kolkata will make it clear. 

Earlier, getting the treatment advantages from a C.G.H.S empanelled private hospital was quite time-consuming. The beneficiaries will have to take the assistance of a local dispensary to get a referral letter and also will have to go through the long and tedious paperwork to get the treatment. In order to simplify the process, some amendments have been added recently which will allow the beneficiaries to get the immediate advantages of this health scheme under any private hospital in India, irrespective of the location. For instance, according to this new announcement by the Health Ministry, any private Hospital included in the list of C.G.H.S hospitals in Kolkata is compelled to provide necessary treatments without demanding any referral letter.  Moreover, in the case of an emergency, they will be liable for offering treatments on a cashless basis. 

A close view of the C.G.H.S hospitals in Kolkata 

This government-controlled health insurance programme carries all the expenses of the medical treatments not only for the central government employees or the pension holders but also for the dependants of the individual one. It was introduced first in 1954 and today it has become the first choice among the people when it comes to providing the best quality healthcare services along with holistic well-being. This happens only because of the high efforts of the C.G.H.S empanelled hospitals in India, in regards to providing the best quality medical care. There are several top-class private hospitals in Kolkata which are enlisted in the list of C.G.H.S  hospitals in Kolkata. The advantages of the scheme are accessible in around 70 cities in India. It covers the employees and also their family members. 

The health scheme includes a wide range of healthcare services under a cost-effective budget with the assistance of experienced and expert medical professionals and specialists. To ensure the highest quality care, the beneficiaries are provided with instant medical treatment service along with quick follow-up services. In fact, the hospitals which are dedicated to providing healthcare facilities under C.G.H.S  play a vital part in the Indian Healthcare system by offering top-quality medical care across the whole country. The scheme is carrying the important responsibility of ensuring the best quality medical care not only to the present central government employees but also to the former employees. That is why, you will find that almost all the leading private hospitals in Kolkata, are enlisted in the list of C.G.H.S  hospitals in Kolkata, as it is a matter of great pride to them to serve under this prestigious government health scheme. 

Unveiling the wide range of services provided by the C.G.H.S empanelled hospitals 

The C.G.H.S empanelled hospitals normally provide medical attention to their patients on three levels, these are primary healthcare, secondary healthcare and tertiary healthcare. Apart from these, the patients also receive a wide range of other medical services. Primary healthcare services include both preventative and promotive services like immunisations, health promotion and health education. The secondary healthcare services indicate the process of disease diagnosis and treatment. The last one tertiary healthcare services deal only with specialised services like organ transplantation, treatment for cancer, and many different kinds of modern medical treatments. Apart from all these services the hospitals that are entitled to provide healthcare services under the scheme of C.G.H.S also offer emergency medical services, such as trauma care and ambulance services. A large number of hospitals that include in the list of C.G.H.S  hospitals in Kolkata provide all these advantages to their patients who are the beneficiaries of the C.G.H.S. 

Advantages of accessing the medical treatments offered by the C.G.H.S hospitals 

The patients who have the access to get the medical treatment facilities offered by the C.G.H.S. gets numerous perks. They only need to pay a minimal amount for getting high-calibre medical services.  Firstly, the patients will get a huge amount of price reduction on several diagnostic procedures and pharmaceuticals. Secondly, the treatment process is continued with the assistance of well-qualified doctors and experts who are eminent in their respective fields and seasoned enough with a long period of relevant work. The members who are enrolled on this scheme are titled to get reimbursement and cashless facilities. Thirdly, for ensuring the highest quality of care, the hospitals, included in this scheme always offer top medical care at the right time along with the best follow-up services for the patients. The process for providing treatments is quite the same no matter what the location is. If you are a resident of Kolkata, you will get the same quality treatment in any top hospital of Kolkata, if it is enlisted in the list of C.G.H.S  hospitals in Kolkata. 

The scheme can be called unique because it is designed to cover a massive beneficiary base. Moreover, depending on an open-ended generous approach, it tries to provide cutting-edge healthcare services. In order to enhance the accessibility of the service, the central government is aiming to add more cities under this scheme. In these hospitals, the patients will get the best medical treatments in a suitable hospitable environment, devoid of any danger. The hospitals which are approved by the C.G.H.S. to offer medical treatment follow the most up-to-date treatment processes that include all different kinds of medical treatments and diagnostic procedures. 

Final words 

This is one of the best processes for government employees to get quality healthcare services under a cost-effective budget. In order to access the C.G.H.S services the C.G.H.S card is necessary to show at the wellness centre where the treatment is going to start. 


1- What are the facilities which are included in the C.G.H.S Kolkata package? 

Like any other location in India, Kolkata is also a prime location which has been covered under the scheme of C.G.H.S for providing the best quality healthcare facilities. The number of hospitals which are included in the list of C.G.H.S  hospitals in Kolkata is not a few. So all the enlisted hospitals provide some facilities to their patients, they are listed below. 

  • A specialist consultation under a local polyclinic or government hospital. 
  • The beneficiaries will get medical counselling along with a prescription of drugs in accordance with the Ayurvedic, Allopathic, Sidha, Unani, Yoga and Homeopathy medical systems. 
  • OPD treatments, followed by the dispensation of the prescribed medications. 
  • Reimbursement in the case of tertiary healthcare services such as the installation of any artificial limbs or hearing aids or any other medical appliances. 
  • The beneficiaries can get treatment at the indoor of both government and privately funded hospitals. 
  • Both the current and the former employees of the Government of India can get the benefits of the cashless facilities both for getting treatments at the hospitals as well as in the diagnostic centres. 
  • A hospital included in the list of C.G.H.S  hospitals in Kolkata will provide services for family welfare, pregnancy, and infant and child health. 

2- How contribution is taken for providing treatment under the C.G.H.S hospitals? 

The Central Government Health Scheme provides healthcare facilities both for the current employees and the former employees of the Government of India. The current employees and the pensioners pay different amounts for getting this facility. 

The pensioners or the former employees of the central government contribute a certain amount which is proportional to their grade pay which was given to them at the time when they were employed by the Government of India.  The contribution can be given annually or one can also give a one-time contribution. 

The present employees of the Government of India are given a C.G.H.S card and depending on their grade pay, a single amount is deducted from their salary on a monthly basis. Then the beneficiaries become eligible to get healthcare facilities from the top hospitals which are included in the list of C.G.H.S  hospitals in Kolkata. 

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