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Explore The Best Feeling Of Twin Pregnancy With Eskag Sanjeevani

6th February, 2023

Giving birth to a new life is one of the most precious feelings in this world. There are very few things which can be compared to the feeling of being a mother and when the bun in the oven becomes two then the joy becomes unlimited.  As soon as your pregnancy is confirmed, you may wonder whether you are carrying twins. You are not alone. This is quite common for all going-to-be mothers. At the very beginning of their motherhood journey, almost all women need to face such symptoms which compelled them to suspect that there is more than one bun in the oven. If anyone finds that she is really pregnant with twins, it seems to her just like she has hit the jackpot. She gradually begins adjusting to this life-changing news while providing the right condition to her little ones so they can grow and prepare themselves to come into this world. But the important part is at the same time you must ensure the best place for your delivery as a twin pregnancy is quite more complicated than a normal pregnancy. Eskag Sanjeevani, which is regarded as the leading and the best maternity hospital in Kolkata, can be the best destination for you to keep both the baby and the mother in a safe condition. Only this will allow you to enjoy the real blessing of the twin pregnancy. 

Creating a new life is really very adventurous. When the pregnancy becomes a twin pregnancy, your heart delights with the thought of meeting with the two pieces of wonder. Many women have claimed that there are several symptoms of twin pregnancy, as they have faced so. But it does not mean that all these symptoms will be the same for everyone and always strongly confirm twin pregnancy. So, it will be better, if you take the assistance of a specialist from the best maternity hospital in Kolkata, like Eskag Sanjeevani, you will be sure whether you are carrying twins or not. We are equipped with the top healthcare facilities and technologies to confirm whether you have a twin pregnancy or not. 

Having twins is really rare. 1 out of 250 pregnancies is found to be a twin pregnancy. Conceiving twins or having multiple pregnancies is undoubtedly a matter of real pleasure but it also includes some risks. So as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed, whether it is normal or twin, without wasting any further time, you should consult with a specialist doctor of the Eskag Sanjeevani. When you are carrying two babies it means you have two fetuses in your uterus. As a result, the risk of complications is also high. You need frequent prenatal care to keep you as well as your baby healthy. According to Eskag Sanjeevani, the best maternity hospital in Kolkata, twin pregnancy may happen due to fertility treatments, or family history. Apart from this, there are also numerous reasons which may cause twin pregnancy. You always should be more concerned about your health, as your good health ensures the good health of your baby. You should take proper medicines at the proper time, you should take nutritious foods that are necessary for the growth of your babies, and don’t forget to visit the expert doctors of our hospital for regular check-ups. The last one is really a vital one, as we strongly recommend regular ultrasonography to check the movement and heartbeat of your baby. If there is any abnormality, it will be instantly pointed out by our doctor and necessary steps will be taken immediately.  

Are there really any signs that can confirm twin pregnancy? 

Many women are still in the confusion regarding the fact that is there really any fixed signs that indicate twin pregnancy.  It is true that with the confirmation of your pregnancy, your body is making itself ready to go through a series of changes. Certain hormones are produced inside your body and you face certain physical changes. But the twists lie in the matter that the changes will not become the same for everyone. It is true for normal pregnancy. But when you are pregnant with more than one baby, you may point out that some of these signs are slightly different. There are many examples that some people experienced some weird signs when they were expecting twin babies and after some time it has proved to be true after the check-up. Still, the only dependable and trustable way to confirm twin pregnancy is undoubtedly ultrasound. Eskag Sanjeevani, the best maternity hospital in Kolkata, also strictly recommend the ultrasound process to confirm twin pregnancy. But it is also true that there are certain signs which may be the indications that you are pregnant with more than one baby. Depending on several case studies the signs have been identified by us. The signs are listed below. 

Signs of twin pregnancy 

Along with common pregnancy signs, if one is pregnant with more than one baby, she may have certain pregnancy signs. Here are some signs listed below. 

  • The level of HCG becomes high 

HCG is a specific hormone that is found particularly in the body of a pregnant woman. When a woman is carrying more than one baby in her womb, generally the secretion of hormones becomes double. Compared to normal pregnancy, twin pregnancy produce more HCG for a long time in the mother’s body. The production of HCG hormones may vary from woman to woman, so high levels of HCG hormones should not be regarded as a sure sign of twin pregnancy. As in most cases, women have claimed that they have experienced a high level of HCG hormones in their body in the case of carrying twins. 

  • Aversion to some specific foods 

Just like a normal pregnancy, in the case of twin pregnancy, one could feel a strong intolerance to some foods. But here food aversion may reach an extreme level. It generally happens due to hormonal fluctuations. The would-be mother can’t take green leafy vegetables, meat, seafood, etc. The best maternity hospital in Kolkata, Eskag Sanjeevani is advising not to take those foods that seem intolerable. One should take fruits, and vegetables except those which cause irritation, less spicy healthy foods that are full of a high level of nutrients.  

  • Intolerable morning sickness 

Due to the secretion of numerous pregnancy hormones, a pregnant woman feels morning sickness and it may be worse in the case of a twin pregnancy. As every pregnancy is different, all would-be mothers may not experience severe morning sickness. In case of such extreme sickness, the mother should take some measures to strengthen their digestive system, she should follow a balanced diet, and should not keep her stomach empty. 

  • Suffering from tiredness 

It is normal for a pregnant woman to become tired very easily, but most women with twin pregnancies have reported that they often feel too tired than usual pregnancy.  The high level of progesterone that supports the gestation of the babies along with the higher BMR causes this tiredness. At this stage, you should take short naps, go to bed early at night, follow a healthy diet, practice deep breathing, and drink plenty of water. 

  • Change in urination 

Twin pregnancy causes a severe urge to urinate compared to the normal time. It happens due to the high level of HCG hormone. As in the case of twin pregnancy, it reaches a higher level, the would-be mother may feel frequent urges to urinate. To deal with this problem, the would-be mother should drink plenty of water throughout the day and stop drinking water for 2-3 hours before the usual bedtime. She should empty her bladder each time of peeing. 


Apart from these signs, there are also several signs which may indicate that probably you have a twin pregnancy. They are like high resting heart rates, extremely big belly, frequent changes of moods, a strong intuition that it may be a twin pregnancy etc. But all of these do not come with a 100% guarantee. So, all you need to do is to consult a specialist at the best maternity hospital in Kolkata, Eskag Sanjeevani. 


1- What precautions should be taken during twin pregnancy? 

If you have a twin pregnancy, you should take prenatal vitamins. Eskag Sanjeevani, the best maternity hospital in Kolkata, always advises their patients to take extra folic acids and iron, as it helps to deal with the problem of anaemia, which is a very common problem in the case of twin pregnancy. 

2- What type of foods one should take during the time of twin pregnancy? 

According to Eskag Sanjeevani, the best maternity hospital in Kolkata, you must take nutritious foods during your twin pregnancy. We highly recommend taking certain foods. The list of the foods is given below.

  • High iron foods 
  • Folate rich foods 
  • Fatty fish
  • Lean proteins
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables 
  • Low-fat dairy products
  • Nuts and seeds  
  • Adequate amount of water 

3- What is the healthy weight in the case of twin pregnancy? 

A total weight of 16 to 20.5 kg is normal and considered right in the case of a twin pregnancy. It means a woman with twin pregnancies should gain approximately 1.5Ib during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. 


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