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Best Gastroenterology Hospital In Kolkata

The Cause Of Abdominal Pain And Ways Of Prevention

2nd February, 2023

The abdominal pain which is also called stomach ache may sound like a simple problem, but the problem may have a deep root as it may be the initial indication of something grave. No matter what the cause is, it is true that tolerating stomach ache is very much painful. Our stomach is the most neglected part of our body as we can’t see the internal part of it. Our Gastroenterol organs are located inside our body, so we don’t pay much attention to them. Here lies the root of all our problems. As we don’t take proper care of these organs, our stomachs often began to show tantrums. In most cases, the cause of stomach pain remains simple such as indigestion, gassiness, or muscle strain and they can be removed by following simple home remedies. But if you sense that the problem is something grave, don’t waste time by trying different kinds of home remedies and head straight to the best gastroenterology hospital in Kolkata.  

What is abdominal pain? 

The cause of abdominal pain lies in any kind of discomfort or obstructions inside our belly. There are numerous causes that can give rise to stomach pain. According to the best gastroenterology hospital in Kolkata, there are two different types of stomach pain. One is mild pain and the other one is severe pain. In the most common cases, normal digestive disturbances may lead to mild pain, whereas severe pain may be caused by some serious issues. So, severe pain always demands immediate attention and treatment. Almost all of us don’t have any clear idea of our Gastroenterological organs. So, to make it clear we will here give you a clear idea of our gastroenterological organs. Our gastroenterological organs include the stomach, liver, small and large intestines, kidney, pancreas, spleen, gallbladder and appendix.  

Revealing the common causes of the abdominal pain 


We suffer from the problem of producing excessive gas when the microorganisms inside our small intestine which help us to break foods into very tiny parts suddenly become intolerant and stop supporting the intestine. The increased pressure of gas inside the intestine may often lead to a sharp feeling of pain and discomfort. 


2. Stomach Flu

Stomach flu is basically caused by a certain type of virus or bacteria that causes infection inside the stomach and the infection shows some specific symptoms that normally continue for some days. The problem shows symptoms like nausea, fatigue, vomiting, Severe body weakness, Stomach pain or cramps, a feeling of excessive bloating and gassiness, and loose, fluid-filled stools. All these start to happen frequently compared to the normal situation. If the infection continues to stay more than 2-3 days, one must seek medical assistance from the best gastroenterology hospital in Kolkata to eliminate these problems.  

3.Acid reflux 

Stomach acids are secreted in order to digest our foods. But when it becomes excessive, it leads to a feeling of burning sensation, mild stomach pain and a little discomfort inside our throat and stomach. In some cases, it may also be the cause of a little cramping in the stomach. This problem commonly takes place just after eating and maybe a little riskier for persons who are addicted to smoking or suffering from obesity. The best solution to this system is drug therapy.  


IBS is Irritable bowel syndrome, which is basically a disorder in the intestine which very often give rise to very strong stomach pain, diarrhoea, and constipation. Depending on the degree of the disorder a person who is suffering from this problem may need to go to the washroom. The reason for this problem is not known to us. This problem can be kept only under control, it can never be cured. To deal with this problem the specialists of the best gastroenterology hospital in Kolkata are advising to bring changes in the diet and lifestyle and continue lifelong medications, as these are the only way to manage it.   

5.Bowel obstruction 

When you are feeling that your stomach pain often comes and goes in the form of waves, it indicates that the pain is caused by some kind of Bowel obstruction. The obstruction may be partial or total and the discomfort or the feeling of pain often comes and goes away in the form of a wave. The partial blockage often leads to diarrhoea. But if the blockage is a total blockage it may lead to very severe pain. Very often the specialist doctors of the best gastroenterology hospital in Kolkata recommend surgery if it becomes essential. 


Gathering too much waste materials inside the colon prevents the normal passing of the bowels which causes a sharp pain inside the stomach. This can be handled by taking high-fiber foods and by consuming the proper amount of water. Constipation is a problem that can affect the entire well-being of a person. So, if it reaches an extreme level it is better to take medical assistance. 


Gastritis is a stomach disorder in which inflammation is observed in the stomach lining and the person often suffers from serious discomforts like irritation and bloatedness. There are several symptoms of Gastritis. They are nausea, vomiting, gas, and bloating. Although there may be several reasons for this problem, the common causes are injury, infection, excessive use of pain pills and intake of excessive alcohol. 

Some ways to prevent abdominal pain 

It is always better to prevent the problems rather than go through the painful process of curing them. It is possible to prevent stomach pain before it happens. Here we have listed down some measures that may be taken in order to keep yourself protected from abdominal pain. All these tips are given by expert doctors at the best gastroenterology hospital in Kolkata.  

  • Include the proper amount of water and other liquids in your diet chart. 
  • Always take the right amount of food that can be easily digested. 
  • Fruits and vegetables that contain high fibre, should be included in your diet.  
  • Stay away from fast foods as these are rich in spice and often made without maintaining proper hygiene.  
  • Eat light before going to bed. 
  • Never forget to wash your hands in the right way before taking your food.  

Eskag Sanjeevani - a significant name in providing Gastroenterological problems Gastroenterology is considered a specific stream of medical science which particularly includes the study of our digestive system and provides solutions to its disorders. The detail and normal functioning of our gastrointestinal organs are observed by this stream of medical science.  So, it deals with the functioning of the most delicate organs in our body. So, if you are suffering from any kind of gastrointestinal, issues, it is necessary to take the help of the best gastroenterology hospital in Kolkata. Eskag Sanjeevani is a leading name in providing top-quality gastroenterology treatment in Kolkata. It is notable for providing a compact and state-of-the-art service. The Gastroenterology department of Eskag Sanjeevani consists of highly qualified and prolonged experienced gastroenterologists. All the doctors, nurses and the team of the best trained medical staff are experts enough to handle any kind of complicated gastroenterological issues. The hospital also has an expert team of well-trained technicians, nurses and paramedical staff who add more refinement to the services provided to patients. Here all kinds of simple to complex Gastroenterological issues are handled with the proper care, beginning from the oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and rectum,  liver, gallbladder, and to pancreas. Each of the Gastroenterological problems is being dealt with proper care and the right assistance.  

Wrapping up 

The expert doctors of the best gastroenterology hospital in Kolkata opines that almost all the cause of stomach pains often remains irrelevant and vanishes after a short period of time. But if the problems persist after the normal period of time, one should immediately ask for expert help, or it may lead to a very serious problem.  


  1. Who is at risk of gastrointestinal disease?

Gastrointestinal disease is quite difficult to deal with for all of us. But still, there are some people who should be more conscious of gastrointestinal diseases.

  • People who are suffering from obesity should be extra conscious as their abdominal organs have to tolerate extra pressure. 
  • Pregnant women should be a little conscious of gastrointestinal diseases, as it directly affects the health of the baby. 
  • Who has a dominant family history of gastrointestinal diseases.
  • People who are excessively addicted to smoking and drinking. 
  • People who take medicines like antacids, antidepressants, iron supplements, and narcotics should be extra cautious as these drugs may cause several gastrointestinal diseases.
  1. Can stress cause gastrointestinal problems?

Yes, excessive stress may lead to gastrointestinal diseases. But it may only lead to common and mild digestion problems, not any kind of several gastrointestinal issues.  

  1. What are the ways to improve the digestive system 

According to the specialist doctors at the best gastroenterology hospital in Kolkata, there are several ways to boost our digestive systems. They are listed below. 

  • Eating fibre-rich foods
  • Chewing our food in the proper way
  • Taking healthy fats 
  • Keep your body hydrated 
  • Taking our food mindfully
  • Get moving
  • Try to manage your stress in the best way. 

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