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12 Frequently Asked Questions On Knee And Hip Replacement

14th April, 2023

Want to learn more about knee and hip replacement? 

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about these two procedures: 

Q: How is hip replacement surgery done? 

A: In this procedure, surgeons remove the damaged hip joint, replacing it with an artificial one made from metal, ceramic, or plastic materials. This artificial joint, known as a prosthesis, helps restore joint movement and alleviate pain. 

Q: How long to recover from a hip replacement? 

A: Generally, recovery takes between 6 weeks. Throughout this period, patients notice steady improvements in mobility, pain levels, and overall function. Physical therapy is key for facilitating a quicker recovery. 

Q: How painful is a hip replacement? 

A: Individual pain experiences may differ, but medical professionals effectively manage post-surgery pain with medications. As the body recuperates and adjusts to the new joint, discomfort lessens. 

Q: What can't you do after hip replacement? 

A: Post-surgery, patients must steer clear of high-impact activities like running or jumping and maintain caution with certain leg positions, such as crossing legs or bending over 90 degrees. This helps avert dislocation and extends the implant's lifespan. 

Q: Can you live a normal life after hip replacement? 

A: Yes, most patients return to normal activities, enjoying reduced pain and increased mobility. Adjustments to high-impact activities might be necessary. 

Q: Will I walk normally again after the hip replacement? 

A: Most patients regain normal walking patterns with a dedication to physical therapy and adherence to post-operative guidelines. 

Q: What is the cost of hip replacement surgery in India? 

A: The cost varies depending on factors like hospital choice, surgeon experience, and implant type. Talk to your doctor to know the cost of hip replacement in India. 

Q: How is knee replacement surgery done? 

A: Surgeons remove damaged cartilage and bone from the knee joint, then replace it with an artificial joint made from metal and plastic components, restoring function and alleviating pain. 

Q: How long does it take to recover from a knee replacement? 

A: Full recovery takes about 3-6 months, but patients see significant improvements within weeks. Physical therapy is vital for a successful outcome. 

Q: Is life normal after knee replacement? 

A: Yes, most patients return to daily activities with improved mobility and less pain. Some activity modifications may be necessary to protect the new joint. 

Q: How painful is a total knee replacement? 

A: Pain levels differ among individuals, but post-operative pain is manageable with medication. Pain typically lessens over time as the body heals. 

Q: What is the cost of knee replacement in India? 

A: Costs vary due to factors such as hospital selection, surgeon expertise, and implant type. Consult healthcare providers for specific pricing information. 

Have more questions? 

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