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5 Signs You Should Visit a Kidney Specialist Hospital in Kolkata

5 Signs You Should Visit a Kidney Specialist Hospital in Kolkata

18th November, 2022

Your kidneys are really important to your body because they produce hormones that control factors like blood pressure as well as remove waste and excess fluid from the blood. Maintain electrolyte, acid base balance, formation of RBC and active vitamin ‘D’. You should not take chances with the wellness of your kidneys because they are such an important component of your body. Eskag Sanjeevani is a prominent kidney specialist hospital in Kolkata. To get your kidneys examined and treated by the top nephrologists in the nation, book a visit at Eskag Sanjeevani.

Top 5 Signs You Should Consider Visiting a Kidney Specialist Hospital in Kolkata

A qualified nephrologist can help you by examining your kidneys to determine whether you currently have kidney problems or if you're at risk for acquiring it. The top 5 signs that suggest you should think about going to a kidney specialist hospital in Kolkata are as follows:

  • High Blood Pressure-  High blood pressure is one of the major risk factors for your kidney and thus you must visit a nephrologist without any delay if you show symptoms of it. High blood pressure could harm the kidneys or perhaps cause them to fail. 

The kidneys use a large number of blood channels to filter waste and surplus fluid from the blood. The blood-filtering nephrons do not get the oxygen and nutrients they require when the blood arteries are injured. This makes high blood pressure the second most common contributor to renal failure.

You should consult a kidney specialist hospital in Kolkata if you suffer from high blood pressure to find out how to better control your blood pressure and safeguard your kidneys. Eskag Sanjeevani is one of the leading kidney hospitals in Kolkata. You can book an appointment at Eskag Sanjeevani to get the best diagnosis of any possible kidney ailment and its treatment.

  • Diabetes

Another condition or sign that raises your likelihood of kidney damage is diabetes. Diabetes is one of the main risk factors that can affect your kidneys. According to the leading nephrologists from around the world, diabetes puts the kidneys under a lot of strain and harms them. 

Patients with diabetes frequently have renal impairment and are at significant risk of kidney failure if they are not receiving dialysis. You must seek medical assistance from a nephrologist in a kidney specialist hospital in Kolkata if you have diabetes and show any symptoms of weakness, lack of appetite, nausea, swelling of hands, face, legs, dry skin, and so on.

  • A History of Kidney Disease in the Family- You should speak with a nephrologist if you have a family history of heart problems. Early kidney disease can be prevented and treated with the assistance of nephrologists. Early testing is critical for your health because having a propensity could possibly put you at risk. Early test administration can assist in identifying renal function decline warning symptoms. So, you must not take any risk and visit a kidney specialist hospital in Kolkata for a check-up as soon as possible in case your family members have suffered kidney disease.
  • Change in Urination Patterns- Changing urine patterns is yet another sign that calls for the need to visit a kidney specialist hospital in Kolkata. This is a sign that you should seek medical assistance since it could mean that you have renal disease or kidney failure. Urinating less frequently or not at all, as well as having foamy or darker urine, are unusual variations in urination. If your body is showing any such symptoms, you must not take any chances and visit a kidney specialist hospital in Kolkata for a check-up as soon as possible.
  • Brain Fog- Another major sign that you should consult a nephrologist in a kidney specialist hospital in Kolkata is if you frequently forget things or have the impression that something is hazy about your brain. This could indicate kidney disease. According to recent research, diminished cognitive performance in areas like verbal memory, abstract reasoning, and global mental capacity are all linked to lower kidney function. You should book an appointment with a nephrologist in a kidney specialist hospital in Kolkata for a crucial examination if you are exhibiting these symptoms.

Given above were the top 5 symptoms that could pose a threat to the health of your kidneys. If you show any of the above 5 symptoms, you must visit a kidney specialist hospital in Kolkata without any further delay. Early detection of any disease is always good and so is the case with kidney ailments too. Among the above symptoms, diabetes and high blood pressure can do much harm to your kidneys. So, you must always be careful and take the necessary precautions for keeping your kidneys healthy. You should also get regular checkups from a kidney specialist hospital in Kolkata for detecting any issues early.

FAQs about Kidney diseases

Have some unanswered questions regarding kidney diseases? Given below are the frequently asked questions regarding it:

How can you determine if you have kidney disease?

Some signs that a person may have kidney disease include swollen eyes and feet, blood or foamy urine, high blood pressure, anemia, shortness of breath, fluid retention, decreased or enhanced intake and output, nausea, throwing up, muscle cramps, itchy and dry skin, and a lack of appetite.

What are the primary causes of kidney diseases?

The main causes of kidney damage are uncontrolled high blood pressure and long-term diabetes which has gone untreated for a long period. A small number of individuals also receive diagnosis for kidney cysts, drug-induced kidney injury, glomerulonephritis, and stone disease. These proliferate unchecked, eventually leading to chronic kidney disease and renal failure.

Which test should I take to know if I am suffering from kidney disease?

The kidneys filter and store nutrients in the blood before excreting waste through urine. You can know if you are suffering from kidney disease by taking blood tests or even urine tests.

There is no discomfort in my body, so, do I really have kidney disease?

Kidney disease symptoms might not appear straight away. Even if your kidneys are only operating at 10% of their capacity, you might not notice anything because each kidney has up to a million nephrons. So, even if you do not experience any pain, you can still have a kidney ailment.

What foods must I avoid if I want healthy kidneys?

If you have kidney disease, it is best to ask for suggestions regarding the food you should avoid from a nephrologist at a kidney specialist hospital in Kolkata. In general, it is advised to avoid eating salty meals to prevent kidney diseases. Eating too much salt can result in high blood pressure which in turn can be harmful to your kidneys. Swelling in your legs and around your eyes can occur when the kidneys are unable to eliminate too much salt and fluid from the body.

Patients with kidney disease may be advised by doctors at a kidney specialist hospital in Kolkata to limit their consumption of potassium and protein because these two substances place extra strain on the kidneys.

Which medications damage the kidneys?

All medications are processed by the kidneys. Painkillers, antibiotics, prescription laxatives, and contrast dye in general might reduce the blood flow to the organs. You should follow instructions provided by healthcare providers carefully to avoid causing kidney damage. The kidneys can also be harmed by alcohol and illicit substances.

How can I keep my kidneys healthy if I take medication for a medical condition?

You should avoid using over-the-counter painkillers for longer than 10 days and instead consult a doctor at Eskag Sanjeevani, a kidney specialist hospital in Kolkata if you have persistent pain. You should do the same if you have a fever for longer than three days.

You should also avoid using analgesics for an extended period of time that combine multiple medications, such as aspirin, acetaminophen, and caffeine in one dose. You should also avoid drinking alcohol if you are using analgesics, and up your daily fluid intake to six to eight glasses. If you have any renal problems, you should talk to a doctor at a kidney specialist hospital in Kolkata before using painkillers like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications or larger doses of aspirin.


Kidneys are vital to your body, and keeping them healthy should be your major priority. If you want to maintain the health of your kidneys, you must keep your body in shape and take appropriate precautions every day. Additionally, if you exhibit any of the mentioned five signs, you need to see a nephrologist at a kidney specialist hospital in Kolkata as soon as possible.

Eskag Sanjeevani is one of the best kidney specialist hospitals in Kolkata that can help you in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of kidney problems. Book an appointment at Eskag Sanjeevani now to make sure your kidneys are healthy.


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