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About Eskag Sanjeevani

Beginning - Eskag Sanjeevani started its humble beginning with healthcare facilities in 2004, Eskag Sanjeevani is not just a hospital it’s a care home where doctors, nurses, caregivers, and healthcare professionals work in harmony to bring forth improved treatment outcomes with all the latest infrastructure and safety features in all the hospitals.  Empowered by an exceptional team of doctors, nurses, caregivers and healthcare experts, we are steadfast upon bringing forth greater quality, reliability, and excellence across all spheres of healthcare. Over the years we have well-established our presence in Kolkata across Baghbazar, Khardah, Barangar, Cossipore and very recently we have launched our newest unit at Dainhat. Eskag Sanjeevani is equipped with the latest medical facilities and types of equipment, on the other hand, the Baranagar unit boasts of a 24x7 functional dialysis unit serving patients from far across Bengal and other neighbouring states. Eskag Sanjeevani is strengthened by a team of qualified and exceptional medical staff who are well equipped to provide round the clock emergency services. Eskag Sanjeevani Multispeciality Hospital a state-of-the-art hospital is our honourable CMD’s vision to provide sustainable, committed provision of providing quality service to all disadvantaged people of the society at large at reasonable and affordable cost and relief. Working closely with over 1500 doctors and specialists Eskag Sanjeevani, is committed to aiding cure by creating a community where patient-centric care is prioritised and optimised. With a vision and hope to renew life afresh, we are steadfast in serving humanity in the truest sense. 

Eskag Sanjeevani Dialysis Service - Our expertise and goodwill lie in providing quality and advanced healthcare.
Our mission is to make
1. Premium dialysis services accessible to everyone. 
2. We conduct no cost* dialysis support on behalf of the government. 
3. We have conducted 1.7+ Million dialysis sessions to over 2,80,000 patients, spanning across 16 states in 250 state government hospitals under the PPP private-public partnership arrangement helmed by the PM National Dialysis Program under NHM - National Health Mission.
On account of exemplary care demonstrated by our doctors, many of our centres have also witnessed no death scenarios. At Eskag Sanjeevani we are focused on assisting mankind with dedicated Dialysis services. 
About WBCIL- West Bengal Chemical Industries Limited - WBCIL, our group company is engaged in the formulation of a wide range of fine chemicals and APIs. WBCIL is present in various parts of the nation with its state-of-the-art manufacturing units. Now aiming to institute its footprints in the international arena. Visit website www.wbcil.com 

About Eskag Pharma - The flagship company, Eskag pharma-focused on constant innovation in formulation chemistries to broaden the spectrum of treatment, optimize the efficacy of drugs by enhancing their systemic bioavailability. Eskag Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is an integral part of Eskag Group of Companies. For more information visit www.eskag.in

Our Mission Vision

ESKAG Sanjeevani started its humble beginning with healthcare facilities in 2004, with the newly formed multispecialty hospital at Baghbazar, Kolkata with an employee strength of 50, through the objective of sustainability, commitment and dedication and extending provision of quality service to all disadvantaged people of the society at large at reasonable and affordable cost and relief. 

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Our Mission

Experience - the Eskag Sanjeevani experience is not one thing we do, it’s the number of things we do here and cherish”. Our care philosophy – being human, not just human beings, considering patients as a person and transforming the health care experience for the entire community. We believe in treating all of our patients and their families with respect, kindness, and dignity. Our continuous commitment to reliable quality care helps improve patient safety, satisfaction, and outcomes. We are “for the people, by our people”. While providing relentless healthcare facilities to the society, Sanjeevani has expanded its size with varied dimension in healthcare services and have diversified its plan to be in the sphere of dialysis solutions adventuring partnership business with government authorities of various states in the country, and have sheltered huge downtrodden sufferers to get up to their new horizon of life. 

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Our Vision

We believe in our brand philosophy of “For the People, by our People”. Our system, process and people ensure the highest level of quality, goods, services at affordable prices. We believe that our employees, customer and vendors all are key partners to our company and then only we will be able to fulfil the need of our customers. With a vision to serve mankind and make quality healthcare accessible to all, we work towards providing round the clock service. At Eskag Sanjeevani we believe in creating a conducive environment of care for our patients wherein we treat them with respect, kindness, and dignity, making them discover the comfort of home away from home.  

Director's Message
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Mr. Anil Kumar Agarwal

I would like to present "Eskag Sanjeevani Multispeciality Hospital" as one of the best known, state-of-the-art multi-speciality hospitals in North Kolkata. This institution formed in 2004, has caught the imagination of the under-privileged, low & middle income group people of Kolkata. Eskag Sanjeevani was established to provide quality treatment at a reasonable cost. Over the years, we have provided affordable treatment, which has generated patient volumes leading to a responsible surplus that has enabled us to invest in state-of-the-art equipment, accelerating a virtuous cycle that helped us emerge as a renowned medical institution in Kolkata. As an institution, Sanjeevani has already carved a niche in healthcare and can be marked as a renowned life support unit. This makes me feel proud & say - come to us, as we "Renew life afresh".