Emergency unit

For any accident and emergency our 24 X 7 ambulance service is always on call, with our Emergency Hotline Nos. - +91 33-4025 1800 / 9163350506

Emergency is the mirror of any hospital. We provide you 24 X 7 Emergency service with the help of specialized team of Critical Care Trained Medical Officers & a Critical Care Trained Nursing Team. The emergency unit is well equipped with all ICCU-Gadgets with portable ventilator, TPM, backed up by all critical care & emergency medicines. This enables the team to perform all the time critical, life saving procedures immediately in the emergency room. We are also equipped with a Special Trauma Unit, which helps in dealing with emergencies, especially trauma caused by accidents, etc. which help in saving lives otherwise needlessly wasted, preventing an adverse impact on a family.

  • 24 X 7 Critical Care Trained Medical Officer.
  • 24 X 7 Critical Care Trained Nursing Team.
  • All - ICCU - Gadgets - with portable ventilator, TPM, backed up by all critical care & emergency medicines.
  • Special Trauma Unit.
  • 24x7 Ambulance with Oxygen.
  • Portable Ventilator.

Critical Care zone (CCZ)

Critical Care Zone (CCZ) represents the apex of technical advancements in medicine. Such units integrate many specialities and diverse technologies, offering the possibility of survival to patients who would otherwise die. It is therefore obvious that the role of critical care services is vital and crucial to a tertiary care hospital, as the critical care unit contributes immensely to survival of acutely and critically ill patients.

To give a new lease of life to the critically ill, cardiac patients - Eskag Sanjeevani houses an Intensive Coronary Care Unit (ICCU) with 6 beds, providing advanced monitoring and life support systems under supervision of capable cardiologist & attending resident doctors. We also house a 12 bedded High Dependency Unit (HDU) for seriously ill patients, who need specialist nursing care and monitoring.

These two specialized sections of the hospital provide comprehensive and continuous care for persons who are critically ill and who can benefit from treatment, using the most ultra modern equipments & services.

Equipments & Services:

  • Wireless CNS System
  • All Multipara ICU patient monitors are with IBP
  • Eight Ventilator support
  • BIPAP, ABG, Spirometry, PFT, SLEDD, Central Oxygen & Suction System
  • Bed-side Dialysis
  • SLED (Sustained Low-Efficiency Dialysis)
  • 24 hours Cardiac Care Trained Medical Officers (two at a time)
  • Bed-side Patient Details
  • Bed-side X-ray, USG & Echo-cardiography facilities available
  • C-ARM with Temporary Pacing
  • Bedside EEG

Dialysis UNIT

Dialysis is a substitute act for many of the normal duties of the kidneys, helping the human body perform many of the functions of failed kidneys. Dialysis Units play a large role in generating successful outcomes for dialysis patients, since a dialysis unit with a cheerful ambience and the positive minded staff, apart from proper sterile techniques lead to better outcomes for patients. At Sanjeevani we house a Dialysis Unit with the following state-of-the-art facilities:-

  • Parallel Dialysis with 10 Dialysis Stations.
  • 10 Dialysis Beds.
  • Dedicated S-L-E-D-D Machine.
  • Round the Clock Medical Officers.
  • Round the Clock Technicians & Nurses.
  • PPP & ESI facilities.
  • Eminent Nephrologists opinion available with their Regular Monitoring.

24 Hours Diagnostics

Accurate diagnosis enables better means of treatment for all types of ailments. To achieve this we have the most advanced equipments to ensure the best possible accuracy & we thus provide our patients with:

  • 24 hours Diagnostic Service & X-ray, including Pathology.
  • Full Auto Analyzer (BS200) & (BS300).
  • Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, ERCP.
  • Eminent Ultrasonologists performing USG.
  • EMG, NCV.
  • Eminent Cardiologists performing Echocardiography.
  • Holter Monitoring, etc.
  • More than 5000 routine & special tests
  • well trained Phlebotomists
  • Home Collection
  • All Marker tests

Operation Theater

Eskag Sanjeevani Multispeciality Hospital houses 3 well equipped Operation Theaters (OTs) where most of the surgical operations are carried out. Apart from various other surgical operations that are carried out within the hospital, the Hair Transplantation operation is worth mentioning.

We take into consideration - 100% post operative sterilization measures, to check against posibilities of infection. Apart from this following are the features of the OT services.

  • Laparoscopic Instruments with 3 Chip Camera backed up by Capnograph.
  • C-ARM, BOILES Apparatus, Central Oxygen & Suction Line.
  • Two 7/4 OT Lights with Powerful Focus.
  • Remote Controlled OT Table.
  • 5 Qualified Sisters & 3 Technicians.
  • ENT Microscope.
  • Specialized surgery carried out like Craniotomy (Neuro Surgery), P.P. Implantation apart from routine surgeries.
  • Diathermy - Vessel Sealing Facility.(Under Water Cutting)
  • Laminar Flow with Frequent Bacterial Contaminaton Clicks.

S.N.C.U -Sick & Newborn Care Unit

The S.N.C.U complex of Eskag Sanjeevani Multispeciality Hospital is marked by impeccable cleanliness, the perfect layout, updated infrastructure which can boldly compete with other elite healthcare organizations. This Unit has the following areas stipulated for organized patient care


  • 24 hours emergency
  • 24 hours ambulance
  • 24 hours pathology
  • Diagnostic investigations
  • Indoor treatment for newborns
  • Phototherapy
  • Pulse oximeters, Multichannel monitors
  • Infusion pumps, syringe pumps
  • Centralized Oxygen


Feel The Comfort of Your Home While U Recuperate in Our GALAXY CABIN

  • Located on 3rd floor, It Offers a luxurious Ambience During the Treatment.
  • A Private Cabin with Lavish Decor.
  • Sofa cum Bed and Study Table
  • Other Facilities - Internet Access Through WiFi, Geyser, Mini Fridge.
  • A Picturesque View of the Nature from Inside the Cabin
  • Family Members Allowed to Stay Beside You While You Recuperate

Back Office

  • Strong P.R.O. Services.
  • All leading TPA's Empanelled for Mediclaim.
  • Corporate Companies Empanelled.
  • Transparent & Economic Billing Procedure.

Fire Fighting

  • Premises Fully Covered By Fire Fighting System.
  • Fire Alarms at All Prominent Locations.
  • Regular Fire Drills.
  • Well laid out fire escape routes.
  • All encompassing cctv surveillance.

Patient Testimonials

Very nice ambience & room decoration. Staff both nursing & non-technical staff are extremely prompt & helpful.

Dr. Manabendra Nath Basu Mallick9830314691

During my wife’s stay at 3rd floor cabin @Sanjeevani I was experienced amazing hospitality which is undoubtedly at par with other superspeciality hospital at Kolkata. Only ground floor interior needs to be improved to make a effective first impression which is very necessary in todays world.

Bidisha Karpha9830008521

We have receive very good service from Sanjeevani. Delux service person are excellent in there service. Special thanks to Delux service persons.

Bhagmoni Devi9831475729

I am thoroughly satisfied with the entire team of Sanjeevani Hospital. The ultimate care taken by the doctors and the attendance is commendable.

Subhendu Bhattacharya 9433638604

I am pleased with the behaviors of all persons involved in different dept. in the service of the sufficient humanity. So far my experience goes. It is ideal medical center and I pray to God to help Sanjeevani to retain his some ideology of serving human with cordial and efficiency.

Susmita Rajwar 9547675661

No comments due to your service providing is very perfect and punctual. I hope your concern will be running with confidence in future.

Rama Munshi 9874114190

This is a nursing home where patients are properly taken care under experienced doctors and staffs. The cost is also reasonable.

Sudhi Ranjan Mitra 7044314918

Doctor and all staff behavior very good and environment is so good also treatment. Doctors are very polite and good listener for me also my relatives.

Ranjit Dutta 9830582327

The nursing home service is excellent. All the nurses are so polite. Doctors come to check their patients whenever it require.

Sunita Das 9903007578

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