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Prevention And Risk Management Of Chronic Kidney Diseases

2nd February, 2023

Chronic kidney disease refers to the acute condition of the kidneys which involves a gradual loss of function of the kidneys. The function of a healthy kidney is to filter out waste materials and extra water from the human body. So when chronic kidney disease reaches an extreme level, a very high level of fluids, electrolytes and waste materials builds up inside the human body which is very dangerous. The most striking fact is that the early stage of choric kidney disease does not show any kind of symptoms and that is why a large number of people remain ignorant about the fact that they are going to develop chronic kidney diseases. Very often it becomes prominent when the condition is quite advanced. The treatment for chronic kidney diseases focuses on the matter of slowing down the progression of kidney damage. Even if one visits the best kidney care clinic, they will also follow the same direction of preventing the kidneys from further damage by controlling the causes.  In most cases, it often leads to end-stage kidney failures when the patients are left only with the option of artificial filtering which is called dialysis or kidney transplantation.  

What are the symptoms of chronic kidney diseases? 

The signs of chronic kidney diseases become prominent only when the kidney damage occurs over a long period of time and progresses very slowly. As soon as your kidneys stop working, you will observe that a considerable amount of fluids, waste materials and electrolytes start to build up inside your body. The symptoms of chronic kidney diseases totally depend on the fact that whether the condition of the kidneys is much more severe or less severe. According to the best  kidney care clinic, the common symptoms of chronic kidney diseases include, 

1- Loss of appetite 

2- Dry itchy skin 

3- Nausea

4- Swelled feet and ankles

5- Vomiting 

6- More or less urination 

7- Fatigue and excessive weakness

8- Chest pain, if the excessive fluids gather around the lining of the heart

9- Sleep problems

10- Loss of mental sharpness

11- High blood pressure

12- Muscle cramps

13- Breathing problems due to the building up of fluids around the lungs

All these symptoms are nonspecific. It is very hard to determine any specific signs of chronic kidney diseases. So, there is a high chance that one may experience these symptoms due to any other health problems. Until your kidneys reach the final stage of damage, it is very hard to find out that you have developed chronic kidney diseases. So the best thing one can do is to ask for medical assistance if he or she is facing any of the above-mentioned issues. 

What are the causes of chronic kidney diseases? 

Chronic kidney diseases do not occur without any reason. The basic reason for chronic kidney disease is some kind of other disease or abnormal health condition that completely impairs the normal functioning of the kidneys. It often leads to serious damage to the kidneys which very often becomes worse over a very long period of time. According to a top kidney care clinic, the health conditions which may cause chronic kidney diseases may include, 

1- Extremely high blood pressure

2- Diabetes (particularly type 1 or type 2)

3- Interstitial nephritis, it is basically an inflammation that occurs in the tubules and the surrounding structures of your kidneys. 

4- Glomerulonephritis, a serious inflammation in the filtering units of the kidneys.

5- The matter of polycystic kidney or any other kidney disease that is inherited.

6- Any kind of obstruction in the urinary tract for a prolonged time. It may be due to enlarged prostate, kidney stones and some kind of cancer.

7- Vesicoureteral reflux, a critical condition when your urine backs up into your kidneys. 

Which people have a high risk of developing chronic kidney diseases? 

The specialist of the top kidney care clinic also opines that it is very hard to define who will become the victim of chronic kidney diseases, as there are no certain causes. But there are some factors that may increase the risk of chronic kidney diseases. These factors are listed below. 

1-Extremely high blood pressure

2-Excessive body weight or obesity

3-Cardiovascular diseases

4- Excessive smoking and drinking 

5-Unusual structures of the kidneys

6- Family history of kidneys diseases

7- People of older age 

8- People who belong to the specific group of Native American and Asian American

9- Intake of medicines that can damage your kidneys on a regular basis

If you have any one of these above-mentioned issues or continuing any one of these habits, you must be extra cautious as you are on the verge of developing chronic kidney diseases. Never forget that healthy kidneys will enhance the quality of the life that you are living and it is always desirable to stay in a good health condition devoid of any health issues. For better assistance, you may contact a significant kidney care clinic. They will give you a more clear and more transparent idea about what you should or not do to keep your kidneys healthy. 

How the chronic kidney diseases can affect the entire well-being of a person? 

Chronic kidney diseases can affect the entire health condition of a person. Each and every part of the body is damaged by chronic kidney diseases. A person who is suffering from chronic kidney disease may experience several health problems.  They are listed below. 

1- Heart diseases

2- Complications in pregnancy with a strong risk both for the baby and the mother 

3- Degradation of the immunity system, that increases the risk of being infected very easily. 

4- Anaemia

5- The build-up of fluids around the heart, and lungs and the swelling of your arms and legs. 

6- Weak and fragile bones

7- A very high level of potassium in the blood which is often considered life-threatening by the specialist doctors of the best kidney care clinic, as it may increase the risk of hampering the normal function of the heart. 

8- Reduce fertility and sex drives

9- The inflammation of the membrane that covers your heart.

10- Severe damage to the central nervous system which often leads to difficulty in the ability to concentrate on a particular matter. 

11- Hidden damage to your kidneys which leaves you with no other option rather than dialysis or transplantation in the future. 

What are the ways to prevent chronic kidney diseases?

Although kidney diseases are quite hard to be cured, there are several preventive measures which can be taken in order to prevent chronic kidney diseases.  Here we have listed down some measures which can be followed to reduce the risk of developing chronic kidney diseases. All these measures are advised by the top specialists of the best-rated kidney care clinic and will be very helpful for you if you can follow them on the regular basis. 

1- Be aware of using over-the-counter drugs. These drugs, especially pain relievers like aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others) and acetaminophen (Tylenol, others) often remain unprescribed. So be extra cautious and always follow the instruction that is inscribed over the strips of the tablets. If you continue the practice of taking these kinds of medicines on the regular basis, there is a high chance that you may grow kidney problems. 

2- Smoking is highly injurious to your kidneys. Excessive smoking prevents the normal flow of blood inside our kidneys. If you are already suffering from any kidney damage, smoking can increase the progression of your present damage. If you find it hard to quit smoking, you can consult with the doctors of a famous kidney care clinic to plan out some strategies to quit smoking. This may help you a lot. You can join groups that can help you to leave the habit of smoking, or go through the process of counselling and medications.  All these will seriously help you a lot in bringing a change in your present habit of smoking. 

3- Maintaining a healthy weight is necessary as obesity may often cause serious kidney issues. If you are overweight try to bring your body weight in the right condition with the help of exercises. If you are already in the right body weight, try to maintain it by practising exercises. If you think you are not getting enough results only by practising exercises, you should talk with your doctors and the nutritionist for drawing up your strategies for losing your excess body weight. 

4- Always try to manage your health condition with the right assistance from the doctors. Never try it with your own chosen medication. It may be a blunder. If you feel that you may have developed some kind of disease that increase the risk of kidney issues, try to control them by consulting with your doctors. Go through the tests to find out the signs of kidney damage under strict medical guidance. The best thing you can do is consult with a specialist doctor at the best kidney care clinic, as it will seriously help you a lot. 


So, here is the guidance which may help you a lot if you are suffering from chronic kidney disease or want to keep yourself safe from it. Hence, the best kidney care clinic at Eskag Sanjeevani is always ready to help you.

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