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Dialysis Centre Near Me -Life After Kidney Failure And Its Necessary Medical Management

Life After Kidney Failure And Its Necessary Medical Management

8th March, 2023

Dealing with the health conditions that happen due to kidney failure is really very tough. It directly affects the entire physical as well as mental well-being of a person. The hardest part is to withstand the critical health conditions after kidney failure and to take the necessary medical measures to remove those issues. A person needs to adjust a lot and will have to bear a lot of physical and mental pain. A recent study shows that more than 10% of the world’s total population is suffering from kidney failure. The maximum number of people think that it is very hard to survive after kidney failure and dialysis can never give complete relief from chronic kidney disease. But the truth is that you can lead a smooth and productive life even after kidney failure. You only need to select a well-equipped dialysis centre. Don’t make the same mistake that a large number of people do. Don’t search in Google by typing ‘dialysis centre near me’, as it won’t give any details of the individual dialysis centre. The best thing you can do is to contact Eskag Sanjeevani which includes world-class dialysis centres to offer top-quality dialysis service to patients who are suffering from kidney failure. 

Revealing true facts about kidney failure. 

As we know very less about kidney failure, we can’t understand what is right or what is wrong.  We often become overwhelmed by hearing the negative impacts of kidney failure and start thinking about them too much.  It never helps us to be cured. Rather we become more confused. Here we are revealing some true facts about kidney failure. Kidney failure happens when only 10% of the total ability of the kidneys remains.  In some cases, it is even possible to reverse acute kidney failure. It is true that there are no treatments that can bring back the lost ability of your kidneys, but there are several effective treatment options available that can help you to lead a happy, stable and healthy life. Even after kidney failure. It is possible to live a productive and fruitful life. Very often after being diagnosed as a kidney failure patient, we start thinking that we need immediate dialysis treatment and start conducting a search in Google by typing ‘dialysis centre near me’. But this process is entirely wrong. You should always consult with an eminent nephrologist, as he or she can give you the right guidance regarding the necessity of dialysis treatments and in selecting a dialysis centre that will give you the best services. 

What are the ways to treat kidney failure?

There are no options available that can replenish the lost ability of the human kidneys. Medical treatments that are available only aim at preventing further damage and helping to stay you in a stable condition. But in case, your kidney has lost almost 90% of its total functionality, then the patients are left only with two options. One is dialysis treatment and the other one is a kidney transplant. In the process of dialysis, a machine is used that acts like an artificial kidney and filters out the toxic materials from our blood and flushes them out of the body. It works in the most effective way to purify the blood inside our body and to keep us healthy. Another option is a kidney transplant. It is a process in which compatible kidneys are replaced inside the patient’s body with the help of invasive surgery. No matter what option you choose, after being affected by kidney failure, you must require careful planning to lead the rest portion of your life. With accurate planning and the utmost care, you can get a stable life without many hazards. But don’t do the same mistake as other people often do, don’t depend on Google and search by typing ‘dialysis centre near me’. Keep your trust in the doctors and their recommendations and advice. 

  • A patient with chronic kidney disease always should take proper medicines according to the guidelines provided by the doctors. Regular intake of medicines will help to remove all the health complications. 
  • The patients should follow a well-balanced diet. They should eat foods that are rich in proteins. Apart from this, one should avoid taking any food that can cause digestive problems. 
  • A person who is suffering from kidney failure can practise light physical activities on the regular basis. Activities like yoga, swimming, and jogging will be highly helpful for them. 
  • One should completely quit the habit of smoking and drinking. 

How is life after kidney failure?

Kidney failure is a typical disease that can affect the entire physical and mental well-being of a person. But the treatment processes that are available can effectively help you to keep all the symptoms under control. At the time of continuing your treatment or after the completion of the treatment process, you may face several issues that can harm your physical, mental as well as emotional health. Your health condition will be torn with countless health issues like nausea, vomiting, severe weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite etc, but these issues can never create any interruptions in your life. If your physical condition demands dialysis, you don’t need to make yourself confused by searching ‘dialysis centre near me’ again and again, as Eskag Sanjeevani is always ready to help you. 

  • Your life will become a little bit dependent on your near and dear people. Their unconditional support and assistance will play a vital role in the process of survival. 
  • You must visit hospitals frequently. Especially for dialysis patients, hospitals often become their second home. As kidney failure seriously impacts your mental and emotional well-being, the patient sometimes needs effective counselling sessions under the guidance of a verified therapist. 
  • Kidney failure cast a negative impact on professional life, but this does not mean that you need to resign from your responsibility. You can consult with your employer about your present health condition and ask for flexible working hours and remote working facilities. 
  • You may need to face countless other health hazards. To deal with these issues, you must consult with a healthcare specialist. 

Final words 

It is true that kidney failure is a disease that totally discourages a person mentally. But there is also hope, as this can be controlled with relevant treatment processes. With the right treatment processes and fruitful planning, your life can become productive again. Stop searching for the best ‘dialysis centre near me’, and contact Eskag Sanjeevani to get world-class dialysis treatments. 


  1. What are the different stages of chronic kidney disease? 

Chronic kidney disease includes five different stages. In stage 1 the patient’s kidney is mildly affected while in stage 5, the kidneys entirely stop working due to heavy damage. 

  1. Is it possible to get dialysis treatment at home?

Yes, absolutely. A patient can receive dialysis treatments in the comfort zone of their home with the help of modern medical science. But it should keep in mind that in the case of home dialysis, it is essential to ensure extreme care and clinical intervention. 

  • What are the causes of kidney failure?

It is very hard to define any particular reason that may be responsible for kidney failure. Sometimes it also may be a consequence of any underlying health condition. Here we have given a list of some health complications that causes kidney failure.

  1. Cardiac diseases
  2. Formation of kidney stones
  3. Liver issues 
  4. Prostate issues
  5. Extreme dehydration
  6. Blood clots
  7. Colon or cervical cancer  
  8. Apart from this there also may be other reasons. 
  • What are the two different types of kidney failure?

Chronic kidney diseases or kidney failure are basically of two types. One is acute kidney failure and the other one is chronic kidney failure. Acute kidney failure is reversible and it occurs suddenly. But chronic kidney failure takes much time to develop and completely hampers the entire ability of the kidneys. It can never be cured. A patient who is suffering from chronic kidney disease needs a long-term clinical intervention. 

  • Is kidney transplant can give you a healthy life?

Yes, a kidney transplant is an effective way to get back your healthy life. But you need to replace a compatible kidney inside your body and must maintain the medical guidelines recommended by your doctor. Even after a successful kidney transplant, you must follow some restrictions throughout your whole life to stay healthy. 

  • Is going through the dialysis process can ruin your entire health?

No. It is true that the process of dialysis can give rise to countless health complications, but they are not at all severe and can be managed easily by consulting with your doctors. One may suffer from swelling in the stomach and ankle, problems with digestion, loss of appetite, weakness, confusion, headaches and fatigue. All these problems are quite common and can be removed by following the right course of medication. 

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