at Eskag Sanjeevani


After the treatment at our Eskag Sanjeevani hospital, a patient is relieved and this process is known as hospital discharge. Our hospital will discharge you when our doctors and eminent physicians recommend that you no longer need an inpatient care and certainly can go home. Discharge of any patient may take place at any time within the 24 hours, however normally the discharge process takes place between 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. A doctor's advice is mentioned on the bed-ticket and the R.M.O. prepares the Discharge Certificate accordingly.

Discharge Procedure

When the doctor approves your discharge, the following instructions must be followed

  • Please do not leave anything in your locker or bed cabinet, kindly return the key or any hospital property to your nurse.
  • Please present the patient registration card, insurance (TPA) card or any other certification at the reception.

At times, the hospital might also discharge you to a different facility, in any case patients are can clear the Nursing Home and Medicine Bills, post which Discharge Certificate is duly handed over. Visit Eskag Sanjeevani Hospital to know more.

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