Critical care

Critical care

Critical Care Zone (CCZ) represents the apex of technical advancements in medicine. Such units integrate many specialities and diverse technologies offering the possibility of survival to moribund patients . It is therefore obvious that the role of critical care services is vital and crucial for a modern hospital as the critical care unit contributes immensely to the survival of critically ill patients.

To give a new lease of life to the critically ill, cardiac patients – Eskag Sanjeevani houses an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with 6 Remote Control Automatic Beds, providing advanced monitoring and life support systems under the supervision of reputed cardiologists & attending resident doctors. We also house a 12 Remote Control Automatic Bedded High Dependency Unit (HDU) for seriously ill patients who need specialist nursing care and monitoring.

Both ICU and HDU which are very specialized sections of the hospital provide comprehensive and continuous care using the most ultra-modern equipment & services.

 Equipments & Services:

  • All Multipara ICU patient monitors are with IBP
  • Eight Ventilator support
  • BIPAP, ABG, Spirometry, PFT, SLEDD, Central Oxygen, HFNO& Suction System
  • SLED (Sustained low-efficiency Dialysis)
  • 24 hours Cardiac Care Trained Medical Officers (two at a time)
  • Bed-side Patient Details
  • Bed-side X-ray, USG & Echo-cardiography facilities available.
  • Test reports are visible to all including consultants in the console installed there.
  • Skype conversation between patients and relatives.
  • C-ARM with Temporary Pacing
  • Bedside EEG