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Best Cardio Treatment at Eskag Sanjeevani

According to a recent study by WHO, heart related and cardiovascular diseases (CVD’s) remain the TOP reason behind deaths across the world. Almost 17.9 Million deaths happen per year, due to CVD’s. Typically, cardiovascular diseases are a set of disorders comprising heart and blood vessels, which also includes cerebrovascular disease, rheumatic heart disease, coronary heart diseases and other conditions

These are the times of growing concern with cardiovascular health, especially with sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy diet patterns and growing stress being rampant in all fields and at Eskag Sanjeevani we care about your health. In-fact, four out of five CVD deaths are on account of strokes and heart attacks, and 1/3 of these deaths occur prematurely especially to people who are under 70 years of age. We at Eskag Sanjeevani are here to alleviate all your worries related to your heart! We happen to have some of the best cardiovascular surgeons in Kolkata who are efficient and trained enough to solve the most complex of heart matters!

Our Cardiovascular treatment in Kolkata include facilities such as AV Fistula, Varicose vein, Venous Ulcer-Laser /Rfatreament Dialysis access –AV Fistula, Permcath, AV Graft, Diabetic Foot, Limb Gangrene/non-healing ulcer, AV Malformation and so on. We have the best technical support for our cardiovascular patients including Ventilator Anaesthesia Machine as well as a C-Arm Machine.

Our patients are always closely monitored by our team of specialized and well-learned doctors who always treat every case in a special manner. Hence, your heart is always safe with us!

Get an opinion from our experienced heart specialists. Book your appointment with us now at Eskag Sanjeevani Hospital.


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