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Customized Nutritional Care at Eskag Sanjeevani

3rd February, 2022

“Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food” Hippocrates, the father of medicine.

At Eskag Sanjeevani Hospital, we make sure that our patients get healthy, clean and nutritious food that is cooked at our in-house canteen by expert nutritionists’ advice. Advanced, food is provided to the patients from our own attached kitchen that runs in the most hygienic and healthy environment. Our Dieticians, on the advice of the treating doctor and considering nature of illness of the patient, prepare diet-charts for the individual patients and the food is served through our steward services.

Our dieticians also visit the patients three times a day to find out the patients' likes and dislikes and change the food accordingly, of course within the frame-work of the diet-chart of the particular patient. Patients’ food is not separately charged. The same is included within the bed-charges. What’s more, patients also have the option to choose and select foods, of their choice.

Our nutrition specialist provides comprehensive nutrition and diet services to both in-patient and out-patients. They work in collaboration with other departments like cardiology, gastrology, general medicine, etc. to ensure fast recovery of the patient. They help the patient to understand the holistic approach towards a therapeutic diet. Our team guides all age groups and patients with diseases so they can lead a quality life. Our experts analyze the nutritional requirement of patients individually and accordingly plan out their nutrition and diet chart.

At Eskag Sanjeevani, each department closely follows and monitors the patient’s progress for a few days and changes it accordingly depending on the patient's health condition. In-patients are made to follow the planned diet chart to ensure a fast recovery. The department provides counselling as it is the primary tool to educate and reverse or prevent nutritional deficiencies, aid in recovery, prevent infections, avoid getting lean or becoming fat, decrease the risk of obesity, etc. The department strives towards spreading awareness about healthy food habits.

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