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One of trusted premier comprehensive hospitals in North Kolkata, Eskag Sanjeevani NABL accredited pathology centre runs 24X7 and 7 days a week. With a stress on medical excellence every day, our pathology services provide highest quality services at reasonable price lines. A medical specialty associated with diagnosing diseases after laboratory analysis of individual bodily fluids is known as pathology. Our laboratory routinely tests and collect specimens i: e tissues, urine, stool, blood, etc. To ensure highest quality standard, our microbiology department uses the BACTEC 9050 technology which is a series of blood culture instruments which is specially designed for fast detection of microorganisms in clinical specimens. The system automates blood and body fluid culture and Vitek 2 system for Automated Identification and Antibiotic Sensitivity with MIC values.

The department of pathology at Eskag Sanjeevani hospitals offers an expansive range of investigations and we stress on delivering top-quality reports for near accurate results and proper diagnosis.  Our advanced biochemistry department caters a wide range of tests. The Department is complete with Automated Analyzers, ELISA as well as Fluorescent Immunoassay Analyzers.

We carry out Fungal Stain, Acid Fast Stains, Gram Stain, Routine Aerobic culture, Routine Anaerobic Culture, Bactec Aerobic Culture for Blood and Body Fluids, Bactec Anaerobic Culture for Blood and Body fluids, Antibiotic Sensitivity with MIC values done in Vitek 2 instrument.

  1. Expertise and resources to deliver in Public Private Partnership (PPP)
  2. Ability to render our Dialysis services to your door step
  3. Deliver Advanced Diagnostic services at your preferred location
  4. Trustworthy to minimize the distance between our medical services and patient door step

Services provided under Pathology are :-

- Hemoglobin, TC, DC, Platelets, RBC Indices, ESR, Peripheral Blood Smear Study, Blood for Malarial Dual Antigen, PBS for Malaria Parasite, BT, CT, PT, APTT, Fibrinogen, D- Dimer, Bone Marrow Aspiration and Biopsy Study, Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC), Cervical Cytology, Fluid Cytology for Cell Count, Cell Type and Malignant Cells, Histopathology, Urine, Stool Routine and Microscopic Examination, Semen Analysis. We use Automated Cell Counter instrument for Hemogram.

Our pathology department’s motto is to provide quality healthcare and renew life afresh for one and all by the help of our experienced and top of the line physicians in India. Each & every sample is given utmost priority, testing is swift & fast & reports are generated well within stipulated time. The Lab is manned by efficient Phlebotomists, Technicians, Consultants & Reporting Staffs.  The Laboratory caters to patient’s need 24 × 7.


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