Neonatology Care

Neonatology Care

Best Neonatal Care In Kolkata

Neonatology is a subspeciality of paediatrics that is concerned with the medical care of newborns especially those who are ill, premature or born with defects. These defects usually occur when intrauterine development is hampered or halted early. In such cases, organs like the stomach, heart, lungs, or their metabolism are not developed much to function properly. So, babies are born with low weight, infection, heart problems, or congenital defects. Eskag Sanjeevani is one of the best neonatology hospitals in Kolkata and at our neonatology unit, the neonates are taken care of in the Neonates Intensive Care Unit which is designed especially for sick newborns.

They are admitted within 24 hours. The NICU is equipped with monitoring facilities, the latest technology, and advanced incubators to render care to the sick. In NICU babies are usually under the observation of neonatologists and qualified paediatrics round the clock.

We have a team of leading neonatologists and paediatrics that ensures everything possible to provide the best service to the patient. Qualified nurses and professional staff lookout for the babies every time. Our expertise expands from diagnosing the condition to providing the best possible care to the neonate. Neonatologists are required to provide a complete evaluation and focus on the overall care of the neonates. They are trained to manage complex and high-risk situations.

Eskag Sanjeevani, being the best neonatal hospital in Kolkata, our topmost priority is the safety and health of neonates. We strive to do our best in providing comfort and good health to neonates.

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