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Emergency Unit

Emergency comes without warnings and here we are to deal with accidents, major illness and trauma. At Eskag Sanjeevani Hospitals, we are backed up with advanced life-saving equipment and a team of professionals. We are open 24*7 and 365 days a year to provide emergency services with a specialised team of Critical Care Trained Medical Officer and Nursing team with advanced ICCU gadgets. 

The emergency unit in our hospital is designed in a way that patient gets initial treatment and diagnosis with immediate attention. The emergency unit at our hospital is well equipped to deal with emergencies with a Special Trauma Unit, portable ventilator, advanced patient monitoring system and medical experts. The patient’s health is observed and attended by the senior specialist in critical cases. 24*7 oxygen support with an ambulance, Critical Care Trained Medical Officer and nursing team at our emergency department in Kolkata is a solution to deal with major injuries and severe medical conditions. The medical treatment facility at our emergency unit provides a facility specialized in emergency medicine and treatment. 

We have a well-equipped emergency unit actively available at all Eskag Sanjeevani hospitals in West Bengal. The department with specialized doctors, trained nurses who handle emergencies round the clock with advanced equipment and diagnostic techniques. We provide advanced emergency services with immediate response for accidents, trauma, and severe medical conditions. Our facilities are managed by a dedicated team of qualified experts with professional experience in the emergency care unit. Your treatment is our priority so please feel free to contact us for your queries, medication, and treatment.

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