Dental Care

Dental Care

Best Dental Care at Eskag Sanjeevani

At Eskag Sanjeevani hospital, we deliver technologically driven painless, and best dental care to our patients. From restorative procedures like filling to extensive maxillofacial surgeries, we offer an entire range of dental care. Dentistry is not only about teeth but covers oral hygiene & disorders along with their prevention and treatment. Patient visits Kolkata dental care for routine dental care, emergencies, or cases that require surgery.

Dental Services provided by our facility are as stated below:

1. Root Canal Treatment (commonly known as RCT)
2. Restorative procedures like fillings, crowns, bridge
3. Extractions
4. Complete and Partial Dentures
5. Scaling
6. Maxillofacial Surgery
7. Periodontal Surgery
8. Radiographs

 At Kolkata dental care, patient safety is our topmost priority. We ensure the highest quality of our equipment and practice. We take the following points under consideration:

1. Quality includes the team of a dentist working, highly standardized & upgraded techniques, efficient & safe dental care, and strive for continuous improvements.
2. Patient safety protocols either in the radiological department or during bedside investigation are followed carefully.
3. Ensure proper sterilization of the instruments which are then pouched and kept safe to prevent asepsis.
4. Safety measures followed by our team include the use of gloves, face mask, head caps, protective eyewear, face shields, and special PPE kits.

Our dental care in Kolkata offers advanced technology and the best techniques to provide patients with the best dental health and hygiene. Counting from best equipped dental chairs to diagnostic instruments we house all safe and advanced tools used for dental care. For diagnosing oral health, we use portable X-rays in a painless and non-invasive manner to limit the exposure to the patient. In cases of restorative procedure, the latest technology of rotary instruments is being used that enables the dentist to work with great precision. With all advance and standardized tools and technology, we provide the highest quality and affordable healthcare.