Nephrology Care

Nephrology Care

Comprehensive Nephrology Services Under One Roof

At Eskag Sanjeevani, the department of Nephrology provides comprehensive clinical services and benevolent care to patients suffering from kidney diseases. Nephrology is a branch that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic kidney diseases. A kidney is a vital organ of our body and along with disorders, dysfunction of the organ also leads to serious consequences. Which is why nephrologists not only play a role in preventing or identifying kidney-related disorders but also assist and manage complex and advanced disorders.

We deal with cases of acute or chronic kidney failure, kidney stones, kidney disease, nephritis, birth defects, kidney disorders, and kidney cysts.

In our department of Nephrology Kolkata, we have a team of experienced nephrologists, urologists, and technicians to meet the challenges in performing life-saving procedures. The team works together to reverse the disease as much as possible avoiding the possibility of surgical intervention. Our team provides service to both adult and pediatric urological conditions. It is the dedication and passion of our surgeons to provide the best treatment.

The unit is well equipped with the latest technology and advanced sophisticated machines used for diagnosing and treating kidney diseases.

At our facility at Eskag Sanjeevani, we provide safe dialysis to the patient with end-stage renal disease. Patients with kidney diseases need the best care and guidance and our team takes pride in ensuring patients’ comfort and satisfaction in an efficient way. We look forward to providing compassionate, sophisticated, and affordable kidney care to patients.

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