Neurology at Eskag Sanjeevani

Neurology is a branch of medicine that deals with managing and treating disorders of the nervous system. The nervous system plays a role in coordinating activities of our body and has two major divisions- the brain and spinal cord. The nervous system controls our thoughts, speech, memories, intelligence, motor functions, etc. And minor disturbance can cause dysfunction or disability. The complex sophisticated science deals with diseases, abnormalities, dysfunction, or congenital conditions of the brain, spine, and nerves.

At Eskag Sanjeevani Hospital in Kolkata Neurology is focused on providing comprehensive treatment and care for its patients. Our exceptional medical expertise, latest technology, and advanced approach towards science offer the best treatment. Our department is well equipped to treat the conditions namely stroke, epilepsy, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, spine dislocation, disc prolapse, paralytic disorders, brain hemorrhage, coma, etc. We do not compromise with any equipment as patients’ health is our topmost priority.

At our department of Neurology in Kolkata, we have a team of leading neurologists who are highly experienced and well trained not only in providing efficient treatment but also in using the latest techniques. The department has an integrated team of neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuro-physicians, and technicians who work together towards a dedicated goal. They strive to preserve the function, making the hospital stay shorter, painless, and more comfortable.

Most advanced modalities have reduced the mortality rate and improved functional outcomes. Neurocritical Care facilities are also available at Eskag Sanjeevani. In our endeavor to be the best, we work together in harmony to provide the best and most efficient treatment and care to our patients at an affordable price. 

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