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Kidney Specialist Hospital in Kolkata - Stay Blessed With Healthy Kidneys

Kidney Specialist Hospital in Kolkata - Stay Blessed With Healthy Kidneys

23rd November, 2022

The kidney plays the most vital organ that helps us to lead a healthy life. They perform the most crucial job by filtering out all the impurities as well as unnecessary water from our bodies. Apart from this, they also help to control our level of blood pressure and boost the process of the production of red blood cells in our body. Although these are playing vital roles in our bodies, we remain completely ignorant of them. We take care of the external organs of our body, but we don’t pay little attention to our kidneys, as we can’t see them or we are less known of the function of our kidneys. Don’t be so casual consult the best kidney specialist hospital in Kolkata to check your kidneys at regular intervals. 

There are two different types of kidney issues, one is common kidney problems and another is chronic kidney disease. Common kidney problems can be handled with simple medication under the guidance of a nephrologist. But if you develop chronic kidney diseases, then it is hard to defeat. It damages your kidneys to the worst degree and the situation gets complicated over the course of time. The kidneys stop functioning normally.  The dialysis process must need to carry on under the guidance of the best kidney specialist hospital in Kolkata.  A survey says that each year kidney problems cause more death than breast or prostate cancer, but still being so much aware of these issues, we pay little attention to our kidney problems.  

What causes damage to your kidneys? 

According to the reputed kidney specialist hospital in Kolkata, anyone can develop kidney problems at any stage of their life although some people have more risks compared to others. People who are suffering from diabetes, and hypertension have more risk to develop kidney disease. High blood pressure is also another factor that can increase the risk of kidney problems. So to maintain the healthy functioning of your kidneys try to control these factors as best as possible. Due to your kidney problem, you may suffer from heart and blood vessel problems 

What are the indications of kidney diseases? 

In the case of kidney problems, early detection is necessary to deal with rather than treating those problems at the advanced scratch when you are left with few options. There are a few symptoms listed below which may be regarded as signs of kidney damage. These are some common indications and may not be right all the time. To be more certain you should contact the best  kidney specialist hospital in Kolkata.

  • Dry itchy skin
  • Frequent or rare urination 
  • Foamy urine 
  • Blood with urine 
  • Lack  of sleep 
  • Swollen foot
  • Muscle cramps 
  • Vomiting 
  • Tiredness 
  • Lack of concentration and feeling constant tiredness 
  • Loss of appetite
  • Abdominal and back pain 
  • Nose bleeding 
  • Fever dierranh 
  • Puffy eyes

How do you find out that you are suffering from chronic kidney disease? 

Detection of kidney problems at the initial stage is highly helpful to deal with it and it can bring back the lost ability of the kidney and makes the treatment process more manageable and less expensive. The early-stage complications can be wiped out by simple lifestyle and diet changes. But according to the best kidney specialist hospital in Kolkata, there are very few people who can understand that there are some complications in their kidneys. There are some ways to find out the kidney complications. 

  1. A urine test is one of the effective ways to find out your kidney problems. 
  2. The most popular and common way to find out about kidney problems is the blood test. By testing the blood, you can know well whether your blood is purified or not, if your blood is not purified, then you may suffer from kidney problems. 
  3. Ultrasound therapy is also used to find out the degree of your kidney damage. 

How can I keep my kidneys healthy? 

According to the best kidney specialist hospital in Kolkata, if you follow these good habits, they will help you to maintain your kidney’s health. 

  1. Control your blood sugar level 
  2. Decrease the level of hypertension 
  3. Choose a healthy diet
  4. Stop consuming alcohol and tobacco 
  5. Regular exercise 
  6. Consume less salt and fat-free foods

You should be more concerned. If you find out any kind of abnormalities, don’t ever hesitate to consult the best doctors at the best kidney specialist hospital in Kolkata.

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