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Knee Replacement: 7 Signs You Need It

28th March, 2023

Your knee hurts… You even went to see a hip and knee orthopedic surgeon. They offered some advice and prescribed medicine, but your knees still hurt.

Does this mean you now need knee replacement?

(Of course, your doctor can make the right call based on their diagnosis and assessment in the follow-up…)

Here are seven signs that you may need knee replacement surgery:

1.Persistent Knee Pain
You might be a candidate for knee replacement surgery if your knee discomfort is chronic and interferes with your ability to conduct daily tasks including walking, climbing stairs, and getting up from a seated position.

2.Limited Range of Motion
Your knee's restricted range of motion may be a sign that the cartilage has worn away, allowing the bones to scrape against one another. Movement restrictions and stiffness may follow from this.

3.Swelling and Inflammation
Your knee joint may be deteriorating if you suffer swelling and irritation surrounding it. Knee replacement surgery may be necessary to treat these symptoms.

4.Knee Deformities
If you have a bow-legged or knock-kneed appearance, it may be a sign that your knee joint is damaged and you may need knee replacement surgery to correct the alignment.

5.Chronic Knee Inflammation
Persistent inflammation can cause excruciating knee pain and immobility, necessitating knee replacement surgery.

6.Lack of Relief from Conservative Treatment
Knee replacement surgery might be required if less invasive alternatives like physical therapy, medicines, and injections haven't helped.

7.Difficulty Sleeping
You could require knee replacement surgery if your knee pain keeps you up at night. Your general quality of life may be impacted by the discomfort and your sleep patterns may be disturbed.

Knee Replacement and A Better Future

Those with knee joint issues such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and knee injuries now frequently and successfully undergo knee replacement surgery. The operation is now safer and more effective than ever thanks to improvements in surgical methods and implant-related materials.

After surgery, patients can anticipate significant pain alleviation, increased mobility, and an overall higher standard of living. Most patients can resume their regular activities, including hobbies and sports, a few months after surgery with the right care and therapy.

Several people have had their lives completely changed by knee replacement surgery, and because of its high success rate, patients can anticipate leading healthier lives.

Have Question?

Opting for knee replacement surgery, no matter how common and effective it is, remains a big decision on individual levels.

So, if you have knee problems and you’re looking at knee replacement but still have any questions or apprehensions, get in touch with experts.

Visit the centre for hip and knee surgery and talk to a specialist today.

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