Eskag Sanjeevani Pediatrician Unit

In our 42 years of relentless service to humanity, we at Eskag Sanjeevani offer world-class paediatric services when it comes to medical consultation and treatment. We take care of your child just like ours as we provide some of the best services of a paediatrician Kolkata could ever expect. We are proud to stand as one of the best paediatrician hospitals in the city with some of the most experienced and renowned doctors treating our little patients and attending to their every need.

Not just nutrition but our experienced and efficient team of doctors look after the child’s overall health, checking into the milestones of development, looking for any trends or patterns that may be of concern and giving super-specialised and personalised care to every child that comes into our clinic. Our fully-dedicated facilities include Paediatric Endoscopy Units, Bronchoscopy Units, End Tidal CO2 monitoring devices, 24hrs Ultrasound and echocardiogram and so on. We treat our little guests with the same respect and dignity that we treat our adult ones.

Our team of paediatric doctors also assist other departments such as dermatology, ENT, cardiovascular treatment and trauma care under special conditions that demand their attention. In today’s times where diseases and complications often relate to each other, it is important that children receive the utmost care and support as they mostly form some of the most vulnerable spots of any severe disease. We at Eskag Sanjeevani are committed to providing that basket of care and attention to our little partners!

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