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Disclosing The Real Facts About Dialysis From The Shadow Of Conventional Myths

Disclosing The Real Facts About Dialysis From The Shadow Of Conventional Myths

22nd February, 2023

Kidney problems have become very common today. Irrespective of age, a common increase in the number of people affected by kidney diseases can be seen nowadays. It is true that there is no cure for kidney diseases. The only possible way is to prevent further damage and maintain the good health of the kidneys. That is why a large number of people feel too much anxiety when they become affected by kidney diseases. Kidney diseases are the most unpredictable ones as this type of disease does not show any symptoms. Even in some cases, the patients remain unaware of the fact that they have already developed serious kidney issues until they reached the end stage of kidney damage. But there are some ways and with the effective use of such ways one can bring back the ability of the kidney to function in the normal way. One such method is dialysis. It is a process often prescribed by doctors when a patient reaches the end stage of kidney disease which is called kidney failure. It replaces the common kidney functions of filtering out the waste materials from the body and flashing out those materials outside the body. It is always better to continue the process of dialysis in a significant dialysis centre, as they have the right tools and enough expertise.  The same thing is often advised by doctors. The process of dialysis itself seems like a burden to most people. Additionally, there are several myths that surround it which prevent the common people to know the real facts about dialysis. 

Why you should visit a professional dialysis centre?

The process of dialysis is quite complex and also demands a high level of expertise. The process is a lifesaving one, so a simple mistake can cause a great effect. When you are selecting any common or novice dialysis centre, you are keeping your life at a very big risk. A professional dialysis centre should consist of the essential medical tools that are necessary for dialysis. Along with tools, it should always provide the service of dialysis with the assistance of advanced technologies. Almost all the famous and significant dialysis centres work through the guidance of expert and professional medical staff and doctors. Eskag Sanjeevani has the best and most proficient dialysis centre that includes all the latest quality tools and technologies that are essential to carry out the entire process of dialysis with a high success rate. If you are in confusion regarding the selection of the dialysis centre, you can choose the one which is belonged to Eskag Sanjeevani. There are several patients who have got satisfactory results from them.

Unveiling the common myths of dialysis

There are countless myths about the process of dialysis. Being laymen, we only know that dialysis is a process that only performs the normal functions of the kidney and it is only used by doctors when the kidneys completely lost their ability to filter out the waste materials from the body. But we are completely unaware of the technical knowledge or the direct impacts of the process of dialysis. As a result, several myths have been born almost all of them are completely false. Here we will discuss some of them and will try to unveil the real facts.

  1. Only a dialysis centre can give you the right benefits of a dialysis process.

It is a very common myth. A large number of people believe that the only way of getting the right dialysis treatment is to visit a dialysis centre three times in a week.  But the truth is that there are several ways to get dialysis treatment. It can be done in the dialysis unit of your favourite hospital and even in the comfort of your home. You can consult with your doctor for selecting the right place for your dialysis.

  1. Dialysis literally means the end of life.

No, dialysis is not a death sentence. It is only a process that carries out the normal functioning of the kidney. There are several instances of living a healthy life after choosing the option of dialysis. Through this process, you can live a healthy life and feel much better.

  1. Dialysis is an extremely painful process

It is also another widely spread myth. It is true that in the process of hemodialysis, a patient can feel a little discomfort as needles are put in the fistula or the graft. But in other cases, no significant problems are seen. The entire process of dialysis is completely painless. Some may experience some side effects like nausea, vomiting, cramps or headache, but these problems can be kept under control by following kidney diets and fluid restrictions. For getting the most comfortable dialysis experience one can visit the most proficient dialysis centre.

  1. Dialysis is totally unaffordable for common people

It is partly true that kidney diseases are a bit expensive, but it is entirely false that it is too expensive to bear for a common person. The best thing one can do is to use private health insurance as a safeguard. Such type of insurance will reduce your costs of continuing the process of dialysis in a dialysis centre. It will save your pocket as well as will help you to get the best dialysis treatments.

  1. Dialysis patients can’t lead a normal life.

No, dialysis patients can lead completely normal life. They also need to follow certain restrictions and a special diet chart. They should eat high-protein foods during the process of dialysis and intake some kidney-friendly vitamins. You just need to lead your life by following some instructions given by your doctor. There are no hard-fast restrictions that will prevent you from continuing a regular life. 

  1. A dialysis patient can’t continue his or her job.

Absolutely false, dialysis patients can surely re-join their duties after a certain period of time when their body becomes familiar with the process of dialysis. They only need to change their job if they are engaged in hard physical labour like digging or lifting heavy things. You just need to visit a dialysis centre to get the dialysis treatments. You can also continue this process at a hospital or in your home.

  1. Dialysis patients lose their entire energy of work.

No, weakness may be a side effect of dialysis, but it is not possible that they will lose their entire energy due to the process of dialysis. Many people have begun to lead a normal life or even resume their professions after completing their dialysis sessions in an eminent dialysis centre. The problem can be easily resolved by following the necessary diet and fluid restrictions.

  1. Dialysis patients are just like a burden to their families.

No, dialysis won’t make you a burden to your family. Many patients have felt much better when their body becomes accustomed to the process of dialysis. It is also the duty of the other family members to provide necessary care to them and show them respect in order to boost their mental strength.

  1. Continuing dialysis will leave you mentally alone.

It is true that a large number of dialysis patients often suffer from loneliness. Visiting a dialysis centre and receiving dialysis treatments on a regular basis give rise to a feeling of loneliness in their minds. But the truth is you are not alone. You can make yourself involved in the voluntary activity of providing the necessary mental support to other dialysis patients in their tough times. You can also work for spreading awareness about kidney diseases and their early detection. All these activities will keep you engaged and will make you feel much better.

  1. One won’t get the necessary support throughout the process of dialysis.

No, the thought is entirely false. During the continuation of your dialysis process, you will be assisted by an entire kidney healthcare team that includes nephrologists, social workers, nurses, care technicians and even dietitians. All of them will provide you with the necessary support in a collaborative manner.

Eskag Sanjeevani – the destination to get the best quality dialysis treatments

For getting your desired support and assistance you can continue your entire dialysis process under the guidance of Eskag Sanjeevani. We have the best-equipped dialysis centre that provides kidney-friendly treatments with the help of the best medical tools and the latest technologies.  Each and every dialysis process in our centre is carried out under our surveillance with the assistance of the best-qualified doctors and trained healthcare professionals. We never make any adjustments to the quality of our treatments. We have a very high rate of success which has made us the most preferred dialysis centre in Kolkata.

Wrapping up

Developing a kidney disease or going through the process of dialysis, won’t put a full stop in your life. You can easily bring back to your regular life after completing your dialysis sessions in a significant dialysis centre. Try to nurture positive thoughts always and remove all the negative thoughts from your mind. You just need to follow certain restrictions and after a certain period of time, once again you can enjoy your life to the fullest.  


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