Health Assistants

Eskag Sanjeevani

Health Assistants

At Eskag Sanjeevani Hospital, our healthcare assistants play an important role towards speedy, peaceful and smooth recovery of each and every patient coming to our hospital. Our DNA is warmth, expertise, care and compassion towards the ill and vulnerable.

Our Team

We have 80 (eighty) trained nurses and 1 (one) senior matron to serve our patients whom we value utmost. Besides this, we have 20 (twenty) Technicians in various disciplines such as U.S.G, X-Ray, E.C.G, Echo-Cardiography, Dialysis, Pathology and many other services. A pool of 60 (sixty) skilled "attendants" provide auxiliary health care services to our patients, round the clock.

Right Care

Our people are kind and caregiving, they are always willing to be hands-on with our patients and ready to follow instructions as and when using their own initiative to help our patients at their optimum levels. We ensure that our ‘attendants’ have relevant skills and are compassionate in nature because the nature of this job demands respecting privacy, dignity and trust.  Health assistants or caregivers are important because they share a special relationship with our patients which is based on mutual respect, empathy and equal treatment. Our experienced assistants ensure that the experience each and all patient receive help them to make their stay at Eskag Sanjeevani hospital absolutely stress-free and comfortable.

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