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Eskag Sanjeevani - No Cost dialysis

No Cost Dialysis Services by Eskag Sanjeevani under PPP

27th April, 2021

Eskag Sanjeevani Hospital is dedicated to providing the best, advanced and affordable treatment for its patients.

The free Dialysis program is one of the services provided by our hospital to ensure the reliability and priority of the treatment. Kidneys are responsible to filter the blood, removal of harmful waste products and excess fluids. Accumulation of any of these products can be fatal for the body. In cases of chronic kidney disease or kidney failure; when a kidney is not able to work properly, dialysis is carried out. We have free of charge dialysis centres well equipped with the latest technologies.  Dialysis is a procedure to remove waste products and excess unwanted fluid from the blood. Blood is diverted to a machine to be cleaned. There are two types of dialysis- haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. 
Dialysis can be temporary or permanent treatment depending upon the medical condition and age of the patient. When do you need dialysis is explained below:-
?    When immediate kidney transplant is not possible
?    The body is not well enough for a major operation
?    Unavailability of suitable kidney donor 

At Eskag Sanjeevani Hospital we ensure free treatment to the patients with well-equipped medical facilities. Our team of expert nephrologists, trained nurses, paramedics and technicians are geared up to function round the clock. With 200+ happy customers, 30+ diagnostic centres, 61+ successful free dialysis and 245+ PAN India Services we are geared up to approach the maximum number of facilities for our patients. We provide free dialysis, ensure regular monitoring and advanced technologies. We prioritize your well-being!

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