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Kidney Hospital in Kolkata - Can Kidney Diseases Affect Your Mental Health

Can Kidney Diseases Affect Your Mental Health?

23rd November, 2022

Suffering from kidney disease often makes you stressed and depressed. This is quite common for all. A large number of kidney patients have admitted that they have faced so. People suffering from several stages of kidney problems have admitted that they found it really mentally challenging to deal with these issues. Developing kidney diseases may seem like a toll on your mental and emotional health. You need to take a lot of medicines, follow the list of dos and don’ts, maintain diet charts strongly and go through the treatment process with strong courage. All these may seem stressful and overwhelming to you. You may feel charged sometimes or sometimes you may feel hopeless. These emotional ups and downs are quite normal unless it reaches an extreme level. It will be wiser to take professional help when you find it will be really hard to cope with your changed lifestyle and situations. The best kidney hospital in Kolkata is also suggesting this to stay mentally strong and feel less overwhelmed.

Is there any true connection between kidney disease and mental health? 

According to the best kidney hospitals in Kolkata, there is a strong connection between kidney diseases and mental health. Good mental health can protect our bodies from numerous ailments. It has also told by many doctors that if a patient is suffering from any serious issue, he or she must maintain strong mental health which boosts them to fight against that particular disease and it has often proved to be true that a particular patient can defeat a serious disease due to his good mental health. So, it will be an exaggeration to say that a kidney patient must maintain good mental health. If that particular person becomes hopeless or starts losing hope, it will be challenging for him to struggle with kidney diseases. No matter through which stage of kidney disease you are going through, it is necessary to maintain your mental strength.

 It is true that kidney diseases will surely cast a negative impact on your mind. You may feel more overwhelmed if you are in the advanced stage. You will feel more stress and anxiety. But it will not give you any positive results. Stay mentally strong and firm. It will boost your positive energy. You will find that most nephrologists in kidney hospitals in Kolkata will also advise you the same. Kidney disease and its process of Treatment will surely make you physically unwell which can hamper your mental well-being. Our mental health has a deep impact on our physical health. In order to cope with the medical treatments prescribed by the doctor, you must stay mentally firm with positive thoughts. 

Mental health issues that you need to face when you are suffering from kidney problems 


Being extremely anxious - If you feel extreme anxiety on a regular basis and if it hampers your mental state, then you need professional treatment to bring back your mental strength. In case you feel any symptoms of anxiety without any delay you should consult a doctor. 

Suicidal attempt - Being utterly hopeless, many patients thought that there is no cure for their disease and suicide is the only way out. Deep depression can push you to take such a drastic step. Whenever you sense that such kind of thoughts is coming into your mind, you should open your heart to someone whom you can trust and depend on a lot, no matter whether he or she is one of your friends or family members. This is advised by the best kidney hospital in Kolkata. 

Depression - Depression is the worst mental issue that casts serious negative impacts on your mental health. It will thoroughly change the ways you think, feel and act. Your general interest in your daily activities began to emerge. Don’t be so depressed. If you are under the treatment of the best kidney care hospital in the city, you should not be concerned at all. 

How to heal your mind? 

Nothing can give you the best results rather than talking freely about your feelings with someone whom you trust and depend on a lot. In the general case of mental disorders, it provides wonderful results. It is undoubtedly very hard to deal with those mental issues that come with kidney problems. But remember, it is not a shameful thing to ask for help from others. We all have certainly heard the phrase “self-help is the best help”. It is very true. Nothing can give better results rather than practising the method of self-help and self-care. It is one of the best pieces of advice often given by the doctors of kidney care hospitals.  Read your favourite book, listen to music, practice yoga, maintain a good sleep cycle, eat healthy foods, and keep yourself engaged in social activities. All these things will reduce your stress and anxiety and will boost your mind to fight against kidney diseases. 


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