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top 10 hospital in Kolkata

Top 10 Hospital In Kolkata That Provides The Best Quality Healthcare Services

2nd February, 2023

In our everyday life, we have to face many medical issues like serious illness, sudden accidents, pregnancy, and weakness which demand immediate medical treatments. To handle these things effectively and help those persons to get back to their normal life, it is necessary to take the help of the hospitals. It is quite common that the best hospitals will offer you the best medical assistance. When you are in search of the best hospitals, you may be overwhelmed with thousands of options. It is quite common as people will suggest you the best hospitals according to their own preferences. But this may drive you towards the wrong direction and it will surely result in the wastage of your hard-earned money. To prevent this, in this article we will give you some valuable information on the top 10 hospital in Kolkata which is both trusted and famous for offering the best quality medical treatments. Most of the hospitals on the list are multi-speciality hospitals. 

A hospital can basically be termed as a foundation related to medical care. It is specially designed to provide medical treatment to patients with the assistance of doctors, specialised nursing service and medical staff along with good quality medical tools. Apart from all these things, a hospital also includes a critical care division which is solely built to handle too much complex and immediate medical issues. Having numerous beds is common for a hospital as they need to provide the same care to patients and in emergency cases, the hospital authority may also need to arrange for some extra beds for the patients. There are two different types of hospitals. One that deals with physical problems and another one which deals with mental problems. The last type is called the mental hospital. Both types of hospitals should remain fully equipped to deal with any kind of medical issues. This article will make us familiar with the top 10 hospital in Kolkata. 

Almost all of us have the practical experience of facing the famous doctors of Kolkata who are very mean-minded. They don’t have any interest in other things rather than making money. The quality of their treatments depends on the amount of money paid by the patients. Even if the patients are poor or don’t belong to the stage of paying money to the doctor, they don't compromise.  The same thing is true for hospitals also. There are several hospitals in Kolkata which treats the patients just like an ATM machine. They don’t have any sympathy for the patients or for their families. They have completely turned their hospitals into money-making machines where treatment entirely depends on the amount of money paid by the patients. So, here in this article, we have only listed down those hospitals which are entirely dedicated to provide the best quality medical treatments to help the patients to get well soon. If it seems to you that finding the best hospitals in Kolkata is really a hard task, we are here to help you. In this article, we will hit off the list of the top 10 hospital in Kolkata. 

  1. Eskag Sanjeevani 

Eskag Sanjeevani is a leading name among the top 10 hospital in Kolkata. It started its journey in 2004, and today it has become a significant name in providing top-quality healthcare facilities. It is not just a hospital, it can be considered as the second home of the patients where all the doctors, nursing staff and the other medical staffs work in a collaborative manner to give full comfort to the patients which helps them in fast recovery. Backed by the latest infrastructure, good safety features, and an eminent team of doctors, nurses and healthcare experts, they are ready to deal with any kind of critical medical issues. The hospital also has different branches in Baghbazar, Khardah, Barangar, Cossipore and Dainhat. Their prime aim is to provide the best quality healthcare service to the disadvantaged people of society under a reasonable and cost-effective budget. The hospital is solely dedicated to provide patient-centric care with the help of the top qualified doctors, healthcare professionals, modern technologies and medical tools. Their prime aim is to provide fast relief to their patients and serve humanity in bigger prospects. 

2. Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals-Salt Lake, Kolkata

The  Apollo Gleneagles Hospital can be counted as a top one of the top 10 hospital in Kolkata. The hospital is situated in Salt Lake, Kolkata. The hospital has very good infrastructure, and supreme technological excellence and is known for providing compact care to its patients. It has 400 beds among which 100 are ICU beds. It also includes an improved ‘pediatric intensive care’. It provides 24 hours of accident and emergency services. One can also get the pharmacy facility which is available here.

3.Fortis Hospital – Anandapur

When it comes to provide the best and leading healthcare services, one should not miss the name of Fortis Healthcare Limited. The Fortis Hospital located at Anandpur can be regarded as the best one among the top 10 hospital in Kolkata. This is also a multi-speciality hospital which solely aims at offering quality care to the patients.  It is popular for providing the state of the art facilities in urology, cardiac surgery, digestive care, emergency care, etc. It has its own blood bank, catheterization laboratory, and cardiac operation theatre. 

4.Calcutta Medical Research Institute

This can be considered one of the oldest healthcare units in Kolkata with more than 50 years of experience in medical services, and it is providing quality healthcare services for a long period of time unconditionally. It is one of the top-rated hospitals in the list of the top 10 hospital in Kolkata. The hospital has several reputed and expert doctors and healthcare service providers who have an international and national reputation. Here one can also get the same services as a multi-speciality hospital can offer. Their service is quite up-to-date. 

5.Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences-Mukundapur, Kolkata

This hospital belongs to the  Narayana Health Group division and is considered a mentionable one among the top 10 hospital in Kolkata. This is basically a multispeciality hospital renowned for offering the best cardiology treatment to patients. One can also get other treatments like urology, neurology, nephrology, and neurosurgery from here as these treatments are also available here. The hospital includes ‘Guest Support Cell’which is built in order to provide the necessary financial assistance to the patients. 

6.Belle Vue Clinic

This hospital is the best destination for getting the best quality medical treatment under a cost-effective budget. One will get a complete feeling of satisfaction after getting their services. Being the oldest private hospital, this hospital can be easily counted as a notable one among the top 10 hospital in Kolkata. The hospital has a good reputation in renal transplantation. One can also get the facility of tissue typing and the matching test. It has separate departments such as Cardiac Surgery, Sleep Apnea, Nephrology & Kidney Transplant with digital x-ray. It comes with its own pharmacy and blood bank.

7.Woodlands Multispeciality Hospital Ltd.

This is also a leading name in the list of the top 10 hospital in Kolkata. It is enriched with the experience of over 70 years of serving people with medical facilities. With a team of highly skilled doctors and nurses and medical staff, the hospital is well known for offering ethical treatment to the patients. The hospital consists of separate departments like Emergency & Trauma, Cardiothoracic &Vascular Surgery, Gastroenterology, Neuro Surgery, Nephrology, etc.

8.AMRI Hospital

AMRI Hospital is a glorious name in the list of the top 10 hospital in Kolkata, which has a significant record of serving the people of Kolkata and its adjacent areas for a long period of time. It has an extraordinary team of doctors and medical staff who will give you the best services. The main branch is situated at Dhakuria and another branch is located at Mukundapur.

9.Peerless Hospital

The next hospital on our list is  Peerless Hospital, which is famous for providing advanced-quality medical treatments. It also consists of different types of departments like Virology, Cardiovascular Radiology, Gastroenterology, joint replacement surgeries, HIV infections, etc. Backed by expert medical professionals, this hospital can be regarded as the best one in the list of the top 10 hospital in Kolkata, for handling any kind of critical emergency issues.

10.Ruby General Hospital

Being one of the best hospitals among the top 10 hospital in Kolkata, it offers excellent quality healthcare services to patients. It is located on E.M. Bypass. The hospital is particularly designed for offering top-class medical treatments with the assistance of modern-age medical tools and technologies. It is best known for providing top-class treatments under a minimal budget. 

Final words 

So, this is the list of the top 10 hospital in Kolkata. We hope that all this information will help you a lot in finding out the best hospitals in Kolkata. Always keep yourself protected from fake hospitals and doctors and always ensure the best quality medical treatments both for you and for your loved one. 


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