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Kidney Dialysis - Eskag Sanjeevani the pioneer in bringing a revolutionary change in kidney dialysis

Eskag Sanjeevani- the pioneer in bringing a revolutionary change in kidney dialysis

1st March, 2023

Kidney diseases are one of the most complicated diseases that affect the entire well-being of a person. Kidney diseases are regarded as life-threatening for two reasons, firstly at the initial stage, it won’t show you any signs through which you can understand that your body is going to develop kidney disease. Secondly, there are no possible methods of treatment that can bring back the lost abilities of your kidney. You can only prevent further damage and lead a normal life. As we are less familiar with the treatment process of kidney diseases, we often become very frightened. After the diagnosis of kidney disease, we spent sleepless nights with the thought of bearing a huge medical expenditure as well as tolerating several mental and physical hassles. When the matter comes to kidney dialysis, we literally come to the conclusion that our life has reached the final stage of death. Relax, the treatment process of kidney diseases is not as painful as we think and they are not at all unaffordable for common people. Many of us become overwhelmed with the several myths about kidney diseases that prevent us from knowing the actual truth and make us more confused. 

Kidney dialysis is a simple process which is often recommended by the top nephrologists when a patient’s kidney loses its natural capability of filtering out toxic materials and excess water from the body.  A machine is involved in this process that acts like an artificial kidney and purifies the entire blood of the patient’s body. This happens due to kidney failure which is known as chronic kidney disease. In this stage, the kidneys no longer remain capable of cleaning blood in the proper way. Building up waste materials and excess fluids inside the body can be highly dangerous and if it is left untreated, it will give rise to countless unpleasant symptoms and finally invites fatal consequences. With the help of kidney dialysis, these unwanted harmful materials and excessive water are removed from the blood, in order to give a patient a happy and healthy life.

Many of us suffer from utter confusion when we need to choose a kidney dialysis center. As we are completely unaware of the processes that are included in dialysis, or how to check whether the centers are following them or not, we simply can’t understand where we need to go for getting the best dialysis treatments. When the matter comes to find out the best dialysis center, Eskag Sanjeevani always comes to the rescue. We have several dialysis centres in Kolkata and each one is rightly equipped with modern tools. If you are living in Kolkata or its adjacent areas and are searching for an affordable centre to continue the process of dialysis, you should contact us immediately. We are always ready to fulfill all the crucial needs of dialysis treatments. We continue the entire process of dialysis under strict professional guidance with an aim to upgrade the quality of life that the patients are living. 

Chronic kidney disease which is also called kidney failure is rising day by day. Each year a significant number of people are developing this problem. But all of them are not getting the right treatments. As a result, several painful death occurs. It is really concerning. Being one of the top super speciality hospitals in Kolkata, we try our hard to address this issue. We provide the best possible kidney dialysis service with the help of modern tools and advanced technologies under a pocket-friendly budget. Our prime aim is to give access of excellent quality dialysis treatments to the underprivileged people of our society who are often remained deprived of the actual benefits of the dialysis treatments. Our service is quite affordable as well as it can fulfill all your dialysis needs. A large number of hospitals are also providing dialysis treatments in Kolkata, but we are different from them in terms of our service quality and the healthcare facilities provided by us. We are adept at carrying out both types of dialysis: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis with the help of all top-quality medical facilities. We know there is a huge gap between the need for the dialysis process and the availability of the dialysis process. We work solely to fill up that gap and reach our services to those who are in desperate need of the process of dialysis. 

Eskag Sanjeevani is a leading name in the healthcare sector which is quite well known for providing top-quality healthcare services. Our several kidney dialysis centres in Kolkata are simplifying the process of kidney dialysis as well as helping patients in getting quality dialysis treatments. In this way, we are going to fulfill our vision of easy availability of kidney dialysis centres. We provide both in-centre dialysis and off-centre dialysis. Our in-centre dialysis process includes 24/7 care and takes place with the assistance of certified technicians and experienced nephrologists. Our home dialysis facility is available through the most convenient way of booking and ensures the best quality personalised care. We always create the right set-up, so that all the needs of the patients are appropriately fulfilled. All our dialysis centres have a peaceful and quiet environment along with world-class patient care. We have the top qualified, highly skilled, trained and courteous doctors and medical staff who are eminent at handling all types of critical patients with utmost care. We take special measures to control any possible cases of infections. No matter how complicated the health condition is, Eskag Sanjeevani should be the only destination for any kind of dialysis requirement. 

Tackling kidney diseases and the process of dialysis, are no doubt tough. But if you collaborate with Eskasg Sanjeevani, the matter becomes really easier. The dialysis treatments provided by us can be a saviour to the patients whose body needs assistance in order to filter their blood. Following our kidney dialysis treatments on the regular basis, can bring real wonder to kidney patients. Frequent visits to our dialysis centres will make you able to lead a healthy life by removing all your obstructions. We not only give stress on the process of dialysis, but also on regular check-up and lab tests which indicates the results of undergoing the process of dialysis. No longer you need to put effort to find out the best kidney dialysis centre or travel a long distance to get the benefits of the dialysis process. Eskag Sanjeevani includes the best kidney dialysis centres in your town with all possible healthcare facilities in the best way. 


So, if you are suffering from kidney disease or in high need of the dialysis process, don’t waste your time by finding the best kidney dialysis centre. Eskag Sanjeevani will fulfill all your dialysis needs and upgrade the quality of your life in the best possible way. 


  • How long a person needs dialysis?

It entirely depends on the condition of the kidneys. If the kidneys are mildly affected then the kidney problems can hamper your life on a temporary basis. In such cases, the process of dialysis is often stopped when the kidneys recover their natural capability of filtering out the waste materials and excess water from the body. In most cases, the dialysis patients need kidney transplantation. But it is not very easy to go through the process of transplantation. So a patient needs to wait until he or she finds a suitable donor. Till then it is necessary to continue the process of dialysis. Sometimes the health condition of the patients will not remain strong enough to withstand the effect of major operations like kidney transplantation. In such cases, dialysis becomes an inseparable part of their life till the last day of their life. 

  • Are there any side effects of dialysis? 

Yes, there are several side effects of dialysis. There are many patients who have admitted that they have become witnesses to the several side effects of the process of dialysis. Itchy skin and muscle cramps are the prime side effects of hemodialysis, while peritoneal dialysis often caused peritonitis. It is a kind of infection that takes place in the thin membrane around your abdomen. Apart from these, both types of dialysis treatments will make you feel exhausted. 

  • How is the quality of life of a dialysis patient?

A dialysis patient will have to abide by certain rules and restrictions prescribed by the doctors. But a large number of people who are going through the process of dialysis, have admitted that they have a good quality of life. One can continue their profession, can drive a car, can continue normal exercise or swimming daily, and even enjoy a vacation. The process of kidney dialysis only compensates for the loss of normal functions. It won’t make you completely unable to lead a normal life. Dialysis won’t bring a full stop to your life. Following the right dialysis sessions along with restrictions recommended by the doctors is perfectly able to give you a healthy life.

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