Admission At Eskag Sanjeevani

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Admission At Eskag Sanjeevani

At Eskag Sanjeevani Hospital, both emergency and routine admissions are routed at the reception centre first. Once, initial formalities are done, the patient is brought for admission, and he/she is immediately taken to an ultra-modern Emergency Room that is equipped with all critical care facilities where a designated Residential Medical Officer (R.M.O.) examines the patient. The RMO is available 24X7 for our patients.

Admission Process

  • The RMO studies the prescriptions, reports etc. of prior treatment of the patient, if any, brought by the patient party.
  • Based on his findings of the type of illness the patient is suffering from and also consultation with the patient party about their choices, if any, the R.M.O. finalizes the name of the doctor under whom the patient shall be admitted.
  • He then contacts the doctor over phone, briefs him in detail about the patient and receives his advice about the admission in either the General Ward or a Cabin or HDU or ICCU etc.
  • The R.M.O. also prepares his report and asks the patient party to get the patient admitted accordingly through the Admission Desk.
  • The patient party is also asked to sign consent bonds giving particulars as asked for.
  • Thereafter, the patient is escorted to the particular bed along with the case history file prepared by the R.M.O to make you comfortable.

Admissions are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week at Eskag Sanjeevani Hospital.

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