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Eskag Sanjeevani - A Trustable Name In The World Of Neurology

Eskag Sanjeevani - A Trustable Name In The World Of Neurology

23rd November, 2022

The world of neurology deals with diagnosing, preventing, and treating the problems that negatively impact our brains, spines, peripheral nerves and autonomic nervous system which includes sympathetic and parasympathetic. These diseases are the most critical as it involves our brain and the nerves associated with it. The range of services is really wide as it involves brain surgeries of different types such as skull base surgery, intracranial tumours, paediatric surgeries, endoscopic surgery,eplilepsy surgery, hydrocephalus surgery etc. Apart from these, this section also includes several surgeries which are associated with spines and peripheral nerves. Only the best neurology hospital in Kolkata can be a perfect partner to deal with such problems. We are often given the least attention to the functions of the brain and the nerves linked with it as we can’t see from the outside. Even we are completely ignorant of their process of functions. The problem lies in the fact that it is quite impossible for us to understand their functioning as we don’t have deep knowledge about neurology. This is the only reason why it is often told that a regular check-up is necessary in order to find out any kind of complications. We only become serious when we feel any problems inside our brains or in the spine. Then we feel the urgency to consult with a neurologist as early as possible because it is really painful to deal with such problems. But do you know that dealing with neuro problems is not so easy and a neurologist has the deal with one of the most delicate and sensitive parts of your body that need the utmost care and attention? Just like any other disease early detection will help you a lot in the treatments and in the process of resolving those issues. It is better to consult the best neurology hospital in Kolkata in case you find any difficulty with your brain, spine, or the nerves associated with it. When it comes to deal with neuro problems the most trustable name is Eskag Sanjeevani. We are one of the best hospitals that provide comprehensive care to neuro patients. 

Our aim is not only to provide the best quality treatment to our patients but also to provide them with the right diagnosis and rehabilitation process so that they become completely free from all neurological disorders. For common problems (neurological) faced by the patients are as follows : Epilepsy (Tonic-Clonis convulsion), Tremor, Difficulty in speech, Sudden weakness of any part of the body, particularly when one-sided (hands/legs) - Hemiplegia or Quadriplegia, Loss of memory, Sleeping disorder, etc. We want to provide complete relief from all neurological problems so that our patients don’t need to face the same problems again and again. We are regarded as the best neurology hospital in Kolkata for the wide range of services that we offer in order to deal with the most complicated neurological issues. We are able enough to provide constant and uninterrupted care for 24 hours to neurological patients with minimally invasive spine surgery. We have a team that consists of the best and most expert neurosurgeons who are well-qualified and experienced enough to give the proper treatments to all kinds of complicated neuro problems. They are able to give instant relief to the patients who come to us with serious problems. This is the only secret which makes us one of the unparallel neurology hospitals in Kolkata. In the case of surgeries, we try to maintain the best safety to ensure a better quality of life for you when the surgery is over. We have an extraordinary post-treatment support group and a dynamic rehabilitation that helps the patients to bring back to their normal rhythm of life. We try hard to offer the best possible treatments to our patients. All the procedures of our treatments are fully scientific and selected according to the condition of the patients so that they can give the best results to them.

 Being one of the leading neurology hospitals in Kolkata we provide the best quality care and all our surgeries are carried out by maintaining international protocols and quality standards. We are equipped enough to offer favourable outcomes for reversing stroke damage even if the patient is taken to us at the advanced stage. We are constantly striving hard to upgrade ourselves to provide more and more refined quality treatments to our patients. We feel really proud when by seeing the broad smile on the patient’s faces when they became free from all ailments. This seems to us as the best reward which has no comparison. 

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