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Radiology Services

The radiology centre at Eskag Sanjeevani Hospital provides services with a variety of imaging techniques like radiography, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, computed tomography to diagnose and treat diseases.

Our department works to ensure a treatment minimally invasive and uses medical procedures with the guidance of imaging technologies. Our Radiology unit accommodates an experienced team of doctors, radiologists, expert technicians and trained nurses. Our department focuses on a multidisciplinary approach for diagnosis and treatment with modern practice and expert teams. Our radiologists are qualified to handle complex situations with compassion and professionalism. They are specially trained to use advanced and sophisticated technology to produce medical images. Radiologists at our Eskag Sanjeevani Hospital are geared up to provide their services round the clock.

We are well equipped with advanced machinery and specialization in FNAC, Biopsy, Pigtail. We provide all types of CT scans for the brain, neck, thorax, and abdomen, upper and lower extremities with 3D. Our doctors at Eskag Sanjeevani Hospital, Kolkata have experienced and trained radiologists with specialization in the interpretation of these diagnostic images. Radiology is essential because:

  • It helps in the diagnosis of the cause of any symptoms.
  • It helps in screening various illnesses and cancers.
  • Monitor how well your body responds to your undergoing treatment

Eskag Sanjeevani Hospital provides the best treatment and diagnostic services in Kolkata at an affordable cost. Our department is geared up with innovative technology, advanced facilities, experienced doctors, specially trained nurses and round the clock services. Our efficient and collaborative approach with the public and private sector adds us to leading hospitals.

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