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Whenever a patient is brought for admission, he/she is immediately taken to the ultra modern Emergency room equipped with all critical care facilities where the Residential Medical Officer (R.M.O.) who is available for 24 hours, examines the patient. He also studies the prescriptions, reports etc. of prior treatment of the patient, if any, brought by the patient party. Thereafter, based on his findings of the type of illness the patient is suffering from and also consultation with the patient party about their choices, if any, the R.M.O. finalizes the name of the doctor under whom the patient shall be admitted. He then contacts the doctor over phone, briefs him in detail about the patient and receives his advice about the admission in either the General Ward or a Cabin or HDU or ICCU, etc. The R.M.O. also prepares his report and asks the patient party to get the patient admitted accordingly, through the Reception desk. The patient party is also asked to sign a consent bond giving particulars as asked for (a photocopy of the Consent form is given to them). Thereafter the patient is taken to the particular bed along with the case history file prepared by the R.M.O.


Food is provided to the patients from our own attached kitchen which is run in the most hygienic and healthy environment. Our Dieticians, on the advice of the treating doctor and the nature of illness of the patient, prepare diet-charts for the individual patients and the food is served through our steward services. The dieticians also visit the patients twice or thrice a day to find out the patients' likes and dislikes and change the food accordingly, of course within the frame-work of the diet-chart of the particular patient. Patient's food is not separately charged. The same is included within the bed-charges.


Our in-house Pharmacy is open 24-hrs and the medicines are supplied round-the-clock as per requisition from the wards. We do not allow medicines to be procured from outside, as it may bring legal complications in future. Medicines are normally purchased by the patient party as per indent from the ward. In case of any emergency, when the patient party is not available in the nursing home, the requisite medicines are taken from the Pharmacy directly by the ward for administration to the patient. If the amount is high, the patient party is informed over phone, otherwise they are informed about the medicines at the earliest. Our patients are advised to pay the cost of medicines on a day to day basis


All the telephone nos. in the Enquiry Desk (Reception), serve as our emergency hotline numbers. Apart from this for any assistance /enquiry you can also dial these two nos.- 9163350506/ 033 4025-1800 (20 lines)


We have 60 (sixty) trained nurses and 2 (two) Senior Matrons to serve our patients, whom we value at the utmost. Besides this we have 20 (twenty) Technicians in various disciplines such as U.S.G, X-Ray, E.C.G, Echo-cardiography, dialysis, pathology and many other services. A pool of 60 (sixty) skilled "Attendants" provide auxiliary health care services to our patients, round the clock.


As soon as any patient is admitted, the patient party is provided with Visitor's Passes allowing them to see their admitted patient, during the specified visiting hours.

  • ICCU and HDU patients - 1 (one) Pass is provided for which the visiting hours are 6-15 p.m. - 7 p.m.
  • Patients in the General Ward, Cabins etc. - 2 (two) Passes are provided for which visiting hours are 10 a.m - 11 a.m. and again 4 p.m. - 6 p.m.


In case of patients who are admitted in the Cabins, night stay of one person is allowed by the Hospital authority, with the prior permission from the Management.


5 (five) numbers of Security staff including 2 (two) Female Guards has been provided in the Nursing Home and the Security Service is maintained round-the-clock. This service is provided by a top-grade Security Agency.


Billing starts with the amount deposited by the patient party at the time of admission, on the Credit side. The billing is done from 12 noon to 12 noon (check out time). Normally the Discharge schedule is fixed between 10 a.m. - 1 p.m., when full and complete bill is paid. However keeping in mind the convenience of the patient party, discharge can take place at any time during the 24 hours of a day. The billing procedure in such cases is that, the party shall make an advance payment based on the incomplete bill amount and thereafter shall be advised to come on the next day at 12 noon for the final bill and settlement thereof.


Discharge of any patient may take place at any time during 24 hours. However, the normal discharge schedule is between 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. for which the treating doctor's advice is written on the bed-ticket and the R.M.O. prepares the Discharge Certificate accordingly. The patient party is required to settle up with the Nursing Home Bill and the Medicine Bills, on which the Discharge Certificate is handed over to them. Thereafter, the discharge of the patient can take place at any time suitable.

Patient Testimonials

Very nice ambience & room decoration. Staff both nursing & non-technical staff are extremely prompt & helpful.

Dr. Manabendra Nath Basu Mallick9830314691

During my wife’s stay at 3rd floor cabin @Sanjeevani I was experienced amazing hospitality which is undoubtedly at par with other superspeciality hospital at Kolkata. Only ground floor interior needs to be improved to make a effective first impression which is very necessary in todays world.

Bidisha Karpha9830008521

We have receive very good service from Sanjeevani. Delux service person are excellent in there service. Special thanks to Delux service persons.

Bhagmoni Devi9831475729

I am thoroughly satisfied with the entire team of Sanjeevani Hospital. The ultimate care taken by the doctors and the attendance is commendable.

Subhendu Bhattacharya 9433638604

I am pleased with the behaviors of all persons involved in different dept. in the service of the sufficient humanity. So far my experience goes. It is ideal medical center and I pray to God to help Sanjeevani to retain his some ideology of serving human with cordial and efficiency.

Susmita Rajwar 9547675661

No comments due to your service providing is very perfect and punctual. I hope your concern will be running with confidence in future.

Rama Munshi 9874114190

This is a nursing home where patients are properly taken care under experienced doctors and staffs. The cost is also reasonable.

Sudhi Ranjan Mitra 7044314918

Doctor and all staff behavior very good and environment is so good also treatment. Doctors are very polite and good listener for me also my relatives.

Ranjit Dutta 9830582327

The nursing home service is excellent. All the nurses are so polite. Doctors come to check their patients whenever it require.

Sunita Das 9903007578

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